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  1. Hello i am Xossi and i am looking to get to know some people. My account is 4 years old so i am not new to second life. Most of my time on second life i have been alone, people come and go. I would love to have some people in my life that i can count on and have around to make my experience and for me to make peoples experience on the game better. (it goes both ways) About me Gender: Female Age: 24 From: Norway Work: I am a nurse in real. Personality: Whole lot of crazy, I am shy, when i get angry im scary. I am also very honest. Other then that i am a very nice person and show a lot of respect to people that respect me back. Speak: Norwegian & English. (prefer if you are speaking english too) Voice: Once i feel comfy enough with you and everyone around me ill use voice more and more. Music: Hip hop, rap, pop, house, trap, dubstep and techno. Hobbies: I'm a bit of a shopaholic i got to admit that. Always get a spot first day in all events to get me the newest stuff. I'm slowly learning to create mesh and i do got a store that i am mainly focusing on but for me it take time to learn. If you create too id love to learn from you I love to go to clubs and dance my ass off! Go to the beach. Take photos for my Instagram, flickr and some times when im not lazy my blog also get updated. Use photoshop and make videos. If you think you got a lot in common with me please feel free to reply to this post or text me inworld. xoxo 😘❤️
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