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  1. @Chic Aeon Yeah I don’t even know where to even find a mainland? Where in world do I go to rent ? And how much ? Like I said I’m very new to owning a club on SL. Imvu (gags lil) I’ve owned and not what it takes but I know they are very different when comes to starting it up. Other wise managing it and creating for it it’s easy. Just need that first step into the door finding a percal or mainland something so I can start building and setting up a team. Iv been thinking about this for Long time and iv already mad steps for those who is wanting to come help and work.
  2. So I’m still fairly new to SL. I’m almost 2yrs and my Rez day is coming up ! And the more I’m in SL the more I want to do and exspan. Lately I feel like I’ve been missing some thing on SL. I’m very lonely so I go to goth clubs ( bc well I’m a goth and to meet new ppl ) I’m also a DJ and notice not many Ppl have goth dance clubs and some that I’ve seen are not so .... nice looking very old style mesh. So I’m ready to make new step on making my own Dance club. But what are the steps , I don’t need to know how to decorate I just need to know how to start. What type of sim or land or what ever . I really been trying to figure it out and every time I ask someone they don’t really till me . My thoughts My Goth Club isn’t going to be a very huge one so I’d like to know what is the cheapest/ affordable way of starting and I know it’s gonna take a lot of work as iv managed clubs but never owned one and I’m sure I’ll have ppl wanting to be working for me to help. Thank you
  3. Thank you for your interest in AfterHours! You’re closer to being part of the After Hours family and party Already! Are You a naughty Babygirl wanting to tease Daddy’s and they can’t do anything but sit there drooling over you are. Perhaps your a Dominate Domme , findom loving to get pathetic Piggies to spoil you with cash?. Or you need the extra Lindens ? Well we hire beautiful Voice Verified Powerful women. 40L$ Hour! Becoming exclusive! Come join AfterHours where what happends at AfterHours stay at AfterHours. Location: AfterHours http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Buttercup/84/147/3003 Owners: Dani & Jenni Managers: Kelli & Salem grab a application inworld place it in mailbox OR send it Managers or owners listed. AdBoared in world!
  4. ?A F T E R H O U R S ? ?HIRING HIRING HIRNG HIRING HIRING HIRING HIRNG HIRNG HIRNG ? VOICE-TEXT-CAM Escorts DJs LANDMARK http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gironella/77/198/4094 Come get an applcation! Click on the toy Lam and place in pink mailbox Or send it to our managers or owner ! Why would you come work for After Hours? You ask? 1.No Hour Requirements 2.Come and go as you please (Staying in groups till decide to leave) 3.Play Games with Patrons or friends you wish to bring (when it gets slow) 4.No Time Minimum on stage (Make your own hours!) 5.NO Calling your "10 or 15" 6. Exclusives Earn 40L$ An Hour MOST OF ALL HAVE FUN MEET NEW PPL!
  5. KINKZ Home Of MA Photography hi! I’m a very Exsprinced Photographer and Editor. I’m looking for jobs that is interested art being done! I done from Logos , Sim Landmark Photos. Club Images for their Dancer either ADBoard or Personal profiles. I’m also a supporter of other photographers and Models who are looking for jobs as well. Join My Group : KINKZ Home Of MA Photography (to contact me or send me a NoteCard) Note: I just created a Inworld store where you can join place all your information in a adBored. Sharing your rates , ports etc for cilents to cellect form different photographers or Models. Its also where you can order from me ! My Flickr : Mort Azer My Instagram: imorttm.vu ask about prices! if your part of a club I support you get discount and if not and want me to support the club so you can have discount please connect your Owner or GM!
  6. Thank you ?So much for the info that’s very helpful. I’ll try to ask the Landlord or look at the Mall.
  7. Hi! I’m new to creating a in world store. I’m a photographer/editor here on secondlife. As well artist in RL. Anyway... I created my store, gotten my groups, the building , my show case everything BUT. Land marking my store. Now i know how it works, the landmark to save them and rename them. But I don’t know how to make it personalized for my particular store. Or even how do i make my store to the public? Note: I’m renting a skybox ,is it still possible ? And if not I’d have to save my landmark infront of my store and just send that as the LM that way? . Just want to customize the information on the landmark to my store so ppl don’t become confused. Thank you KINKZ Home of MA Photography iMortTM
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