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  1. Hi Xossi I am an experienced DJ in both worlds, and an audio mastering engineer in RL. I have been in SL for 15 years. I am a live spin highly creative DJ that spins World Beat, Mixed Genre House and a few less than mainstream genres. Give me a listen.... this is where I have started posting recent sets... https://hearthis.at/dj-riot-grrrl/ I work 4-5 times a week at a few clubs. https://www.djriotgrrrl.com/riot-s-calender I am looking for someone to write fresh advertisement copy every couple of weeks for all my sets. And I am all interested in finding someone with advertising/marketing experience in SL. Please contact me if you wish to talk. DJ Riot Grrrl (alohaai.koolhoven) in SL or drop me an email at rgriotgrrrl@protonmail.com P.S. I am SLT +2. Female.
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