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  1. First fantasy look for the Halloween season, if it's started... Oh it has started! It is ON!
  2. I'll keep that in mind for another look some day.
  3. Who doesn't like a funny shirt in SL? This one made me laugh out loud at first and will keep me smiling.
  4. HELP! I can't stop making new looks with this new head!
  5. Today I continued cleaning out my wardrobe (reducing the number of outfits) and used an old outfit as easy inspiration for an updated version. The image leads to Flickr, which in turn has a link to my blog, in case you need the credits for the new outfit on the right.
  6. Another day, the same head, same shape even but quite a different look with another skin and I'm indulging my weakness for that bleached blond look with dark eyebrows. I don't know why I find that attractive, but then, do we ever know why we like what we like?
  7. Another day, another head. It's the first time I've done something with this head and I kept it simply by using the skin that came with it and just creating my own shape.
  8. The Signature Geralt mesh body and head had been in my closet for way too long. Djees, some people have skeletons in their closets, but the worst you'll find in mine is a couple of mesh bodies. No honestly, I have the heart of a little girl! *changes to creepy voice* in a jar underneath my bed. RIGHT! Here's a Geralt look I did the other day and my personal favourite so far when it comes to my styling exercises with this particular head and body.
  9. Coincidentally I just did a blog post on Geralt. The warning given by Marianne Little can be repeat here + there's butt cleavage 😉 https://billybeaverhausen.com/2020/08/21/dabbling-with-geralt-episode-xvi/
  10. They must love the title of the series I've dedicated to them on my blog "What's eating TMP?"
  11. I did a look with the Niramyth Aesthetic body the other day. Their solution for using this body with a mesh head isn't perfect, but the unruly hairdo I use with this look covers a multitude of sins. Second Life is all about making it work, or letting go of perfectionisme, that works too.There are some more daring pictures in my blog post. I got some new swimwear that's yowsa!
  12. Finding things to wear with the NX-Nardcotix mesh body is a bit of a challenge. Surely I'm not the only one with a soft spot for some of the less popular mesh bodies? You know, a love for the underdog kind of thing?
  13. Cleaning out my wardrobe (reducing my list of outfits) is a continuous project. I trashed 10 outfits the other day and kept just one with this particular skin, which is no longer available and was part of a subscription box. That makes this look slightly more unique. I enjoy these little recycling moments.
  14. I tested Birth's skin for the Legacy body and it applies to the Classic body too and looks quite good. Nothing seems to be really out of place. Even the nipples haven't slipped a lot. Both the applier and the BOM skin work.
  15. I dove back into my list of outfits, retired a few more and spruced one up a bit. The suit is an oldie but a goody.
  16. I was only just done unpacking a load of gifts from one event and before I knew it I was at it again. Man Cave is a treasure trove this round.
  17. Isn't it great when you can almost put together a whole look with gifts from an event? Sure, the head, body and body skin have been bought, but the skin for the mesh head, clothing, accessories and hair are all free. There's no such thing as a free dinner! No, but it appears to be a good time for anniversary gifts.
  18. *crackle from needle on vinyl* "Heaven must be missing an angel" blasts from the speakers. It's a hat *needle skids across record*
  19. I'm still cleaning up my outfits. From 400+ I'm now down to 384. I slightly touched up an old look with the Akeruka Mike mesh head to add to the collection of outfits / looks to keep.
  20. I'm clearing out my wardrobe. There are 400+ outfits in there and a lot of them will be retired. Some old favourites however will be getting a very light spruce up. It's past midnight here, so that officially makes this Throwback Thursday for me. How do you feel about returning to an old look? Nostalgic or is it a case of "no way am I returning to that!" Personally I do feel just a hint of nostalgia, though I wouldn't want to return to my first complete freebie looks.
  21. I finished the Menstuff June 2020 hunt. Phew! All that transporting zaps a lot of energy. I didn't quite manage to put together a whole outfit with the various bits and bobs, because I'm a bit finicky about things actually going together, but there is a handful of cute items in this hunt. Is it just me, or do most people's standards go up as they get older in SL? I'm sure I would have kept a lot more items of a hunt like this in the past.
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