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  1. If there ever is a right time of year to lose one's (normal) head, this is it.
  2. Yesterday's look isn't quite today's fish 'n ships wrapping paper yet (and they don't wrap those in newspaper anymore anywhere anyway no way no how, thank you very much). It was the result of a blogpost on some budget friendly blog post, a topic I occasionally focus on. The body is free, the head is an older model but still serviceable (bento and bom enabled), tattoos are easy to find in hunts, the hair is a gift, the suit glasses and shoes are freebies (old ones, but they've aged reasonably well), the somewhat gothic looking short hoodie and trousers with straps are just L$1 each and the santa sweatpants are group gift. I stayed bellow L$4,000, which seems a reasonable budget for people who are in that phase of being ready to spend a bit of money in SL. Comments and feedback are welcome. Full deets are on my blog.
  3. I just thought there was something "sci-fi" about that latex singlet and crop top, so I went and found myself a colourful ray gun. Don't worry, it's set to stun... Like this look 😛
  4. The Belleza Jake mesh body was updated recently, which has greatly improved the chances of having a seamless neck with certain mesh heads. I did a little tutorial, using only the skins, addons and shape that come with the body and I head I used. I prefer personalisation of course (making my own shapes and choosing a skin), but he's not bad-looking for a basic b*tch.
  5. I know I use the visible-thong-under-jeans look quite often, but it's mainly because making such a combination isn't something you can take for granted in SL, so it really pleases me whenever it does work without the items cutting into each other. I like to get the most out of small victories.
  6. I know right! It was just an unfortunate stance in the avatar's AO but It's enough to make one channel one's inner Stephanie Tanner... How ruuude!
  7. For today's look I'm going down the route of the short shorts (like was there a fabric shortness or something?)
  8. Today's look is serving intense stare
  9. Treated myself to a new head and after styling that, I put on some clothes of course. Can't go around willy-nilly all of the time, right?
  10. I based my whole outfit on that collar
  11. My stubborn streak doesn't let me drop my monthly outing with the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body. You can't just show up at one of the monthly sales events, grab anything straight from the peg and be sure it's going to work for that body, because none of the high end creators include a size for it. So it always comes down to making something work, even if it means sticking on another pair of feet, something I hadn't done in ages (it isn't exactly seamless now, is it). Still, it shows I'd be good boyfriend material, dunnit? I'll be like Rick-Astleying the hell out of it. Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you... Apart from the fact that I have zero interest in relationships. Small detail, right? Anyhoo, this is what my avatar looked like today (or yesterday, actually).
  12. Today's looks was put together with a group gift mesh head.
  13. All those gifts at the current round of Man Cave are definitely good for an outfit or two
  14. Nice picture. I like how some people create things that are only useful for taking images, like that wrap being blown away by the wind... Or you could just imagine you always have a wind machine with you. That's so Eurovision Song Contest! I was there indeed
  15. Going for that smart casual look with my monthly blog post in which I try to find clothing for the NX-Nardcotix mesh body, which is not widely supported so one has to "make do".
  16. Although I think there are already so many "tutorial" type of blog posts out their, reading this is giving me inspiration to maybe start a series (I do several series within my blog) that goes a bit more into detail about putting together the looks. Working title: Getting your sh*t together.
  17. Trying to use the old system layers on BOM mesh body parts often doesn't work out very well, but if you use a BOM skin that has been created more recently, there is no loss of quality at all and it has some advantages. With appliers you always have to figure out on which layer you can apply something without knocking off something else. Say you want a tattoo, freckles and chest hair. That can work with appliers, but with BOM layers it's easier. You just add all the layers to your outfit and then you can easily change the order so they appear how you want them to (hair over tattoo over freckles for example). I'm going to shamelessly plug my blog here: www.billybeaverhausen.com Don't expect A to Z advice on how to put together a male avatar, but I do put together different looks all the time, so maybe it's good for some inspiration. Don't visit it if you're easily offended by the bit of NSFW nudity or have some (latent) homophobic tendencies (hey, pobody's nerfect!)
  18. The creator call this their Vintage Spring outfit, but to me it just shouts summer.
  19. Time for my monthly fun with the NX-Nardcotix David mesh body
  20. For my latest blog post and the one that will follow it up, I've focusing (not obsessing! focusing!) on short shorts. You know, the kind of shorts that are just a wee bit too short for comfort for a guy to safely walking around it without causing heart palpitations and commotion.
  21. Most of the time my avatars turn out to be 20-something. I don't really plan these things, because there's already more than enough briefings going on in real life. In Second Life I just take a free flow approach to the process of creating a look. This time I managed to create a slightly more mature look. Maybe he's in his 30's?
  22. Wasted no time with that new head and dived straight into the deep end with a second look
  23. I got a new mesh head recently and went for a square-jawded all American boy with a slight 80's vibe (the hair)
  24. I've updated an old look again. That's an exercise I always enjoy. It's also a good way to get reacquainted with a brand you've lost sight of (in this case for the hair)
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