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  1. I am grateful, my alarm was going off every 5 minutes, from 7am right up until was sure I got it, how fitting my houseboat location, Sweet Huni, Arrgh
  2. Good moring, a short walk to the farm.
  3. Hello I am Huni, I'm pretty cool (this is what I tell myself) and well rounded. I am real life poet and artist. The one thing in all the of world I wish I could do more of is travel. Places I have been: France, Italy, Greece, Turkey,Bosnia, Kosovo, Germany, Austria, Macedonia, Croatia, Bulgaria, and Bratislava, Tunisia and Korea Wisconsin, Illinois, Kansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Virgina, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Texas, Michigan, Alabama, North and South Carolina. My two favorite places on the entire planet so far are Paris and Chicago.The world is such a beautiful and amazing place. I think most people will think a the biggest and corniest nerd they have ever met. My bark is way worse than my bite. I love to write and love to read, learning new things fascinates me, one of my true joys is the written word. All things Marvel, DC, Anime, Sci-Fi, Doctor Who and Star Trek make me nerd out. In SL I like to think of myself as a tourist and an adventurer when I am not decorating my land. The virtual would we have grown to call SL is a wonderful place to meet new people from around the world and well like to meet new and interesting people.
  4. Out doing my daily patrol, the duty of a sun elf.
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