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  1. I so wish we could, I'd be at yo house with my moving truck
  2. awwww sad, I wish I had those on mine... I had to use the ones in the kit and they count against my LI. Funny how we don't quite get what we want
  3. MaidenHu

    Thank You

    I would love that, that is exactly what I do, sit back and watch 🧐 @soulsofree
  4. MaidenHu

    Thank You

    I am pretty much an introvert and conversions, in the forums and group chats add to it. It disheartens me each time some feels its ok to be a bully, cruel or mean. Gives me very little faith in humanity. We really need to do better. Thank you patch for all your hard work and you massive heart. Thank you each and every Linden that puts in the time and loves second life as much as each and everyone of the residents. Thank you to the moles whole are working hard each and every day. Thank you to every resident, that takes the time to help another resident. take the time to tell someone thank you, sometimes they really need it.
  5. That is one the things that the Bellisseria fair grounds can reserved and used for, I just don't know how to go about doing it.
  6. I think all you want is a bit of encouragement, and don't give up, plenty of us have been hitting the refresh button on the lindens home- request page since a April. You will get a home, each and every last one of us will. 😉
  7. NO.MATCH_NO.TOUCH. Mossu - Henry.Pants Mossu - Brian.Shirt Mossu - Richard.Necklace
  8. Kaithleen's Maslicka Dress - Black Maitreya
  9. Got a traditional home yesterday here it is.
  10. I wish this was the new theme. So cute.
  11. Triniza Elven Palace (fd) Tropical Wrap Set - Tan LARA
  12. We have not posted here while, it almost got lost. Now we wait for new news today. When and what will happen.
  13. Here are 3 good forums to read the New home were initially released on April 16 2019, there was another small release on May 15, we are now waiting for the newest batch release now. *on the SSP one fast forward to page 71
  14. Sun Elf garden Triniza [Cynful] Dion Set - Sheer Dress - Maitreya Lara
  15. Oh dear goodness I love my Horizons property, I just wish it was as social as Bellisseria.
  16. I agree, I am like most who have way more than 2 premium account. I have 7 when I did the math it just works out more logically even with the new price increases. I have had 4-7 for over 11 years. All the recent changes in the past few years only made me stop wavering and more confident in m y belief that for my needs and consumption in secondlife warranted those paid accounts. In all reality I am extremely frugal, I cant see me paying the cost of a full SIM, I didn't see the same benefit. Being in world for so long, I have learned that things will work out work close to promised or forecasted, you just have to be patient with linden labs if you know YOU plan on being in s SL long term. If you a flighty person whom is continuously pondering if you want to be in SL, I can see why slow turn around would be fustationing to you.
  17. These would be nice for a family camping trip. I know there are a lot of haters out there, but I'll say it any ways. They are great for people whom have multiple premium accounts as an additional place, I can't see myself living in one full time. But I will think about keeping one if I i get one in the next roll.
  18. Beautiful day to be an elf in Triniza's elven forest.
  19. Most of us are using some sort of auto refresh add on button on our browser and rolling the dice in hopes for a new Linden home. a new batch should be released soon. Keep an eye on the forums, it may increase your odds of a new home.
  20. I was looking forward to the 20th, but I have a feeling it will be a bit longer.
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