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  1. I'm pretty sure it's against ToS for a sim to make this a rule, meaing that you'd have to create an alt for ech new character. If so can someone show me where in the tos it says so?
  2. I downloaded the secondlife offiia veiwer and looked all of my stuff is still there, it's just not loading in firestorm for some odd reason
  3. logged in to second life. all of my landmarks, favorites, textures, scripts, sounds, lost and found, and Note cards folders are either not loading their contents or have had their contents deleted deleted. Included is a picture of my inventory view from firestorm. I'm not sure what happened as one minute they were there and the next they were gone. i wasn't really doing much. the only thing i can think of that might have hurt me was my internet cut out on me and i crashed, and i don't remember when exactly i lost them as it wasn't something i noticed right away.
  4. Sadly neither of those work as i'm trying to fit it onto an Avatar 2.0 body
  5. I'm looking for a hair of a certain style that will fit my M3 Venus head.  The style i want is pretty much this: I'm not sure if there's anything like it on the market but i'd really hope there is! If not i may just end up over modding a flexiprim hair to try to get the shape i need.
  6. I'm building a avi to rp as a 19 year old boy. Most of the mesh heads on the market place are way to strong jawed and adult OR way to anime-esqe. Are there any mesh male heads that look more teenager-ish out there? EDIT: They need to be unrigged as i'm tring to fit them onto an Avatar 2.0!
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