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  1. It may say we're new because we don't come to the forms often Thank you for the information. Shall be keeping and eye on it.
  2. So my whole inventory and such is all gone and I keep getting this message. Thank SL for the lovely unscheduled maintenance. I've never in my life had this happen to me and I'm kinda freaked out... What I get when I log in. My inventory Edit: I have open a ticket.. with as much info as I can. I do know everything was fine same time yesterday as I had to pay my rent box..
  3. I am looking for someone that is willing to teach me / help me make a grate human avatar, I have been told not to buy "The Mesh Project" avatar so I would like some help it buying a body,head,&hand/feet. I am simply a furry right now but I would like to have a cute AF human avatar as well. I have been looking at shops like +Aii+, Foxville, ect.
  4. I have been reading over and over the forum on what land is and everything but I still don't understand it. What are the tiers and how do you "upgrade" ?
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