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  1. I have no interest in roleplaying and there are a few "poseballing" groups inworld but most of them are filled with furries, so if you have a human av and are into poseballing, hit me up. Only for fun and snapshots sometimes
  2. It clearly says NO-EMOTING in the title, I don't expect any emoting, to me it is boring being a furry or dragon, but hey, we all find our ways of having fun in SL
  3. @Lillith Hapmouche Didn't post this thread thinking about taking photos, but if the place is photogenic, why not?
  4. Did not know this thread couldn't be edited anymore so here are a few more decent photos of my av if interested. https://www.flickr.com/photos/94793251@N08/
  5. I am looking for modern stuff, not rustic or something like that.
  6. leGustav

    What head is this?

    Genus , Lelutka or else?
  7. Yeah I know most are not into it, but I've been lucky to found a few inworld. Anyways, I don't like emoting at all because my English isn't that great and it feels awkward to me. And no, going to an afk girl is not the same... I attach some photos of my avatar ha.
  8. leGustav

    Male bento poses

    Can I get recommendations of good stores for male poses?
  9. So I am kinda new to the BOM stuff. I am wearing a BOM Head Applier Body alpha to be able to add a hairbase but it's not working, I can see the non mesh head... what am i doing wrong? It's the only alpha I am wearing by the way.
  10. leGustav

    Chat window size

    Using firestorm, why won't the chat windows size save after closing the app? is there an option for this?
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