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  1. My first was a traditional in Heirlong on the day Bellisseria opened, a friend at that time got theirs right across the street on the beach at the same time I got mine.
  2. 1. midol, 2. fresh tampon, 3. if it's tacky for someone to use security when allowed then it's tacky for you to post anything on this community, or spend any time in SL at all.
  3. It's not tacky having security when you're allowed to have it, also, those security devices don't cover the docks/piers between the houseboats and they give a person enough time to get out of the parcel if they do fall in or something by accident.
  4. has the covenant been changed recently? i swear there was something about breedables in it before...now I can't find anything about them. why can people fill a linden home with breedables, lagging everyone else in the region?
  5. Actually no, also.. I made no claims about the flag or it's meaning.
  6. I'm not the one that needs to grow up clearly, I'm not the one throwing fits over something someone else told me to hate, I'm not the one that thinks post count means I'm more intelligent than anyone else, I'm not the one assuming I know anything about another persons life and/or experiences. Try to have a good day, unless acting like a child to gain points in a chat is good to you.
  7. It doesn't take even 1 post to know when people are overreacting and causing more of a problem than the object itself. but, keep throwing childish fits and attempted insults and gaining post count, doesn't do anything for me. I'm not here for numbers and popularity. also, its funny how everyone attacks this but not the source, everyone continues wearing and using/displaying demonic symbols all over sl, no one does anything about those. hmmm.
  8. wow, people need to breathe seriously, clearly it was part of the general lee paint job. This has already blown way out of proportion.
  9. They mentioned early on about hoping to build around 4000 new regions for premium homes, we're at a little over 1000 at my guesstimates, i havn't counted but the highest sspe## i've seen is just over 1000. [edit] plus they mentioned 8 home themes and we only have 4 in Bellisseria and its full now, besides the mountain strip and that one region by Panamole Canal.
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