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  1. Thank you all for the tips, indeed the compatibility issues of the mesh body and appliers and soon is a little overwhelmed, i will keep it simple for now, and with time will get into that. Hugs
  2. I would be interested in learn math applied to computer science, and any computer program class related (including applyed to sl) I'm also interested in know if the classes would be payed and only in english. Thank you! Hope much sucess!
  3. Hi, i'm just coming back to sl and would like to emprove my avatar, i'm a little out of the news, so if anyone have tips of for body/head/skin/clothes/etc stores to visit, that are cool and not very expensive (preference). Thank you so much for your help!
  4. oh hello there *smiles* what a nice fire you guys got here, mind if i, a stranger, join you?
  5. Hi MythicalTrippy o/ how ya doing? I'm also a "returner" and i find myself in same situation. I love explore, shop, hunt, hang, play group games, make themed pictures (specially with friends), i'm not good with roleplaying but i'm up to give it a try from time to time. Basically i'm up to try almost any kind of adventurous. Also interested in learn new crafts and languages and cultures and so on I had sent you a friend request in world, if you think we could be friends just accept and see ya soon! Tschuss
  6. Thank you ALL for your opinions! Was very helpful! I guess i'll start again to build as i did before and also play with maya at same time... maybe i can try later to convert my prims in mesh and who knows sky is the limit
  7. first you must really want to and second you can allways use voice
  8. Hi all! So i had comeback to sl, hadn't been on for personal reasons which doesn't matter now lol the point is, i use to be a builder back then, but i had stop playing before mesh happen. So i wonder if people still use prims or only use 3D out-world programs to build (and create in general)? If so i'm willing to try that out, i had allready downloaded the maya program, but would be sad too because i really liked to build inside the game while iming and chatting but guess have to be updated, right? Thanks for all the update and advices in advance!
  9. Hello everyone, i had tryed to download sl, firestorm, catznip, and none of them works, it says i have tu update my graphic drivers or reinstall them.. well they are updated, and i don't know how to re-install them.. Help! Anybody? Also i must add that singularity runs normally (i think) Thankx you all. Hugs.
  10. I know right, i just found out about it, and can't wait for it!
  11. Hi there sweeties! I have been playing sl on my own, i found much fun shopping, changing my appearance, and taking pictures. But i have the feeling that i'm passing by the great things in the game. This isn't a place to be playing alone. The beauty of sl is be able to share interests and moments. Some of my interests: - Shop (obviously) - Photography - Group games and partying (like a pj party for example) - Learn build and sl scripts, maybe mesh - Explore around sl, taking tea, sailing, ballon ride while chatting, or maybe trying some sports or rides or just beach hehe - Start a project, would like it to be a team work - And open to more suggestions! If any of these points interests you or you have something you would like to try just add me and let's give a step towards friendship :D Hope to hear from YOU!
  12. Hi there! add me and let's be friends
  13. Hi i also like pictures and would be fun to do it with more people. So add me... oh and also you can actually upload it to the mysecondlife feed that way can be shared
  14. Hi Vaene91, Tell me one thing, you only want a roleplay friendship, not a real friendship, like you don't want to share about you and talk your thoughts and stuff? It's like an experiment or you just very curious person?
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