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  1. wanted 1/2 sim to rent no restrictions anyone have one to rent please im me in world ty
  2. anyone renting weekly 1/2 sim to rent with no restrictions. please let me know thx
  3. lelkuta sucks didnt match
  4. ya all confused me one person said to get vendetta didnt work another person said dont need alpha so confusing
  5. cant do it tried that way not matching also
  6. that above looks classic avatar coming out cant match alpha layers when i add head alpha layer on belleza body mesh and try add lelkuta connor head to that alpha dont seem to work hmm so what alpha do i use then on the body mesh and on head
  7. what ya mean bom clashing
  8. it does match the skin just checked with the advice ya gave me
  9. i keep messing up bought body sjhapes from vendetta trying with connor head dont work dunno what shape is needed for connor head can it be any named shape in the vendetta store or does it have to be a certain one i have belleza jake body
  10. still wrong darn
  11. is this matching now
  12. i think them lelukta works with gianni i think
  13. just tried demo of Lelutka head. still shows the line back of neck i dunno why this is on jake body connor Lelutka head
  14. 4k lindens have to wait till few days
  15. ok goin to wear aesthetic for now until few days then may get a full one are they the newer type though rowan i dunno
  16. i had to add eyes cause there were no eyes with it
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