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Found 4 results

  1. dunno how to fix neckline on them tried different windlights still see line also tried the catwa applier still cant remove line how do i remove neck line
  2. I'm a bit new to Second Life but i learn fast! yesterday i bought a mesh body (-Belleza- Mesh Body Jake) and a mesh head (LeLUTKA Connor Head 2.5). from the start even before buying any skins the head would not match the body no matter what so i tried searching and made sure i hade the glow off or anything that might be causing the issue but no matter how much i try it's not gonna match so i went and tried so many demos for the head and body while making sure it matches the label of each and matching the skin tone but no matter what it always looks strange and you could see it across the room the only thing that helps just a little is when i put my graphics settings to ultra and turn the shadows on! but it still looks off and the shadow shouldn't matter cause i tried the conor head with another body (Legacy body) and it looked perfect even though i had the demo on but i could tell it was matching some people told me it's just the demo makes it looks off so i went and bought tow skins for the jake body which is these: (Stray Dog - Jake Skin - TONE 04) and (Clef de Peau.Body Soft T3 [JAKE] Applier) and both of them don't work on the avatar i have even though the color match there is a neckline that is so obvious and messy and i notice i met a lot of people who have the same body and they have the same issue no matter what and i met a guy who seems he knows his stuff and he told me it's an issue with the jake body cause it's old and he recommended to me to get the Legacy body and he saw my avatar in his pc and on mine by sharing on discord and sending pics and he confirms that my neckline isn't natural whatsoever and most people tell me my neck isn't matching on their screens too and now i'll show you what my avatar looks in some stages of me trying: this is when i tried the skin for the body demo which i ended up buying with the demo head skin for lelutka head for Theo and matching the skins to 04 at the Not Found store and this is what i look in my screen sometimes i could pass as matching perfectly if i turn the shadows on and put it to ultra and zoom a little back! which is not convenient. keep in mind it looks this good when i have the ultra settings on and put the shadows on and the light is soft or not hitting on the neck area or else you could still see the neckline! now i'll show you what it looks on my with ultra and shadows and with lower graphics settings and without shadow and keep in mind the legacy body on the head i own which is conor looked amazing which makes me think it's a jake body issue to be honest cause no matter what head oe skin i try on the legacy body demo it looks near perfect compare to the jake's body from belleza! now i'll show you how it looks with the Legacy body with the same head with ultra setting and with lower setting and with shadows on and off first with (Ultra graphics settings + shadows on) i used midday windlight only: and this is with (Low graphics + no shadows) with midday windlight only as you see with the Legacy body it doesn't matter what graphics settings or if i had shadows on or not it always looks near perfect and i wish i had this result on the jake body as well can someone please help me is it possible to have such good result on the jake body too or is the body itself old and won't work good no matter what!? my aim is to use the Belleza Jake body + Lelutka Conor head cause i already bought them and spent money on them and on skins for the jake body too so is there any way to fix this issue? please help!
  3. Hello all, Hope someone can give me a solution for my issue. I almost tried (with my basic knowledge) everything and searched for several hours I know that there are several post regarding the neck lines, but my problem is a bit different… I am not having an issue with my skin matching body n head - I noticed it after I bought some new updo hair, I am not quite sure if was there before but I am pretty sure not so obvious. As you can see in the pics there is a real gab, where the head meets the body and also on the scalp. (Lara Body, Lelutka Simon Head, Skin body and face applier from session). The line on the scalp does not really matterbeacuse I wear hair but the one on the neck drives me crazy. 🤯 What I did for problem solving: Redelivery and adjust everything all over again. adjusting the neck body fat on the Maitreya Hud (made it a bit better) adjusting in body appearance clear all tints Neckfix on Maitreya HUD, knowing it is probably not a skin issue. searching the internet for hours without finding a solution. I noticed that the gap is much worse when I am viewing from a distance. If I zoom in really close it looks fine in front, but not good on the sides and neck. (left side words than right) I have everything running on ultra settings but playing around with the settings also did not make it better 😪 Hope someone can help me because I am looking at it all the time 😵 Take care and stay healthy ❤️
  4. Hi all, I'm seriously struggling with the nasty neck area and neck line showing up on my human male avatar after finally joining the Mesh Body/Mesh Head world recently. I would have to throw myself into the category of being new to the Bento Mesh body/head world. I'm using: Signature Gianni Bento Mesh Body -and- Catwa Daniel(?) Bento Mesh Head combination. I tried demos of Adam, Belleza-Jake, & Slink. I tried the Signature Gianni Bento Head demo (totally hated the look of the face). Via some shape editing/tweaking, I was able to get a relatively decent look that I can live with (in spite of the overly muscular steroid-looking default shape of Gianni). I've read through the forum here. I've read through the Catwa website. I've read through the meshaddicts website. I've read through the Strawberry Singh blog website. Including watching videos. I've read through all of the notecards that came with the products. I've tried everything I can think of to "fix" the neck line & neck area mess based on all of my "homework" and limited knowledge and experience with working with a Mesh body/head combo... but, so far, still no luck with the specific body/head combo specified (Gianni/Catwa) as far as the various skin appliers that I've tried (most look much better than the Labyrinth mentioned below, but unfortunately always a nasty looking obvious neck area issue). I've retried (redelivered) the purchased parts btw - no change. I got lucky with Labyrinth "Tylar" matching up - *BUT* the skin (especially the body) doesn't really look very good at all (patchy body, chalky overall look on face) - but this is the closest, so far, to matching up without an obvious neck line & neck area mis-match mess showing. But I can't help thinking "there must be something out there available for this combo that looks much better and doesn't have the neck issue". Not to mention that the skin tone options are very limited - with the sunkissed & tan skin tones basically the same - a very dark chocolate tone color (at least based on the demos). Surely others have the exact same head/body combo and have had much better success with finding good high quality looking skin that matches up well (if not perfectly even) *without* any of the neck area issues. (Or maybe I'm just doing wishful/hopeful thinking.) This is why I'm posting here for help... thinking surely someone must have this exact same combo (Gianni/Catwa) with very nice results due to using X brand(s) skin applier(s) and getting really nice, quality looking results with the overall look of the skin on both the body and the face - and without the nasty looking neck area issue. I don't want to go back (backwards even) to my "old look" (no Mesh body/head combo)... but I'm at a total loss at this point and in spite of not being a quitter, I feel like "throwing in the towel" (/whine over). Recommendations for good high quality skins (appliers) to track down and demo? Recommendations for a "fix" for the neck that perhaps somehow got missed along the way? (If above just doesn't exist) Recommenations for a much better overall Bento Mesh Male Body/Head combo that has good skin appliers without any neck issues? (This would have to be a last resort, after already investing the $ into the Gianni/Catwa path.) Any/all help would be most welcomed and most appreciated! Many thanks in advance for your help. - Pat -
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