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  1. I often take the time to decorate land that I have for sale or rent. I don't agree with this. Nearly all my land is for sale or rent. If someone buys it they return my rental meter. If someone rents it I take it off the market. (I do not price my land at ridiculous prices with intentions to have it show up in search) My prices are within Market range and often lower than other bigger sellers. I like to deco and landscape sometimes and I'm very against skyboxes at ground level and ugly platforms and such. If someone buys my land I usually give them the option to keep and use my d
  2. I'm tired of seeing politics everywhere you go RL and SL. SL is no longer an escape from RL BS. I made my own SL related political sign.
  3. Disclaimer: I did not read all the posts here. I personally like the Yavascript PODs. there has been plenty of times when im bored out roaming around one crosses my path and I will hop in it and take a ride hopping out somewhere else. Sure they aren't occupied all the time but they are definitely being used a lot. Perhaps short rides like I often do. I think if everyone started to do this it would be a problem. I bought the POD system myself years ago but I don't have any roaming around across multiple sims like Yavanna does. My thought is its already been done... Le
  4. I'm willing to bet at least 5000 of them, are bots and multi client AFK parkers. I wish they would spend a little bit of this money and do some advertising like in the old days. With all the progress SL has gone through and all the newer content like mesh bodies and heads... its sure to bring in some new people if they would just spend a few bucks on an advertising campaign and if the community is willing to help new people with the learning curve.
  5. So really nothing is changing other than if you leave a USD balance on your account you might get charges after 12 months of inactivity and you have to agree to another TOS.
  6. So many questions... so many unanswered.. Inquiring minds want to know.
  7. If that was the case I would have lost my account. Im glad they don't clear inactive accounts like that I was inactive for 5-6 years. Leave the group cleaning up to the group owners. Not hard to filter your member list and bulk boot inactives all in one swoop. I can teach you how if needed.
  8. But lets be honest, LL could give us 300 groups and we would fill them and still have to leave and rejoin groups constantly
  9. I think thats on the group owners and people joining them more than on LL. I get why some people charge a small fee to eliminate spammers from joining the group and some charge a fee because they give items away like Truth Hair which makes it worth it. But I think the smaller people maybe need to rethink their Pay to join method of managing their group unless they want less people to join it.
  10. Because large group owners like to boast over how many people are in their groups, regardless of the zombies. Its a social acceptance thing... look my groups better than yours, it has more members!! Edit: like twitter followers and facebook
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