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  1. Very true, there is a few around though. Lot of the sims in Kama City are very decent. Everywhere else is pretty well trashed though lol
  2. Yeah and the sensors probably cause more lag than a house rezzed out unless for some odd reason the house is full of running scripts (Unlikely)
  3. Corchalo is also the laggiest sim on Zindra. Scripts are well beyond bottomed out. I have yet to find a sim on Zindra worse than Corchalo.
  4. Good site to check also once you have decided on a CPU or Video Card https://thebottlenecker.com/calculator Make sure your CPU or GPU aren't getting bottle necked by each other killing potential performance.
  5. I never use banlines, I despise them and wish they weren't an option. I do use security orbs but only if I am sleeping and leave my avi on. Like MirandaBowers said, they take away from the community. No banlines, Object entry always on, rez always on, and privacy eye only on at night if I'm sleeping otherwise its off. Keep it real.
  6. Very nice job! Love the tree and you hardly notice your dippy jerk neighbor anymore and I bet it really pissed them off that your deco is far superior than theirs even after their attempts to ruin your land Good job!!!
  7. Show me ANY adult land for 1L per sqm and I will buy it all
  8. I'm just glad I don't live on one of the 6-7 sims this happens to daily because of these AFK places...
  9. Wow that head is pretty nice.. giving other head creators a run for their money for sure. Good lips, no weirdness to them like some of the other head makers Ive seen.
  10. L$2.0 per sqm MAX 592*2 Well Roadside you might get a little more. You might find someone to pay L$4.0
  11. I only put it on when taking pictures. My PC is capable of having it on all the time I just don't.
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