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  1. I used to put my store in search but I don't anymore. Roughly 73-74% of my sales come off Marketplace. The people that do visit the store usually come from Marketplace to view a demo and occasionally will buy in world but some will also view the demo and still buy off Marketplace. But if you are a big merchant that has a lot of traffic and sales they putting in search is a must. Agree with @Sid Nagy 100% When I was more involved with GTFO (Get the Freight Out) I would use search just so people could find my place when searching for GTFO. Makes it easy for them to find a spot to rez out a
  2. 1,024 sqm - Free 512 sqm - $4 1024 sqm - $7 2048 sqm - $13 4096 sqm - $22 8192 sqm - $35 16,384 sqm = $67 32,792 sqm = $112 49,152 sqm = $150 1 Region (66,536 sqm) = $175 1.25 Region = $219 1.5 Regions = $263 1.75 Regions = $307 2 Regions - $351 2.5 Regions - $439 3 Regions - $527 3.5 Regions - $682.50 4 Regions - $703 4.5 Regions - $791 5 Regions - $879 My only issue is them not Pro-rating tier. If for some reason I need to increase my tier 3 days before my tier date I have to pay full price for those 3 days. So for example if I
  3. Have a look at @Lucia Nightfire's latest Head/Body stats post. That will give you an idea of which is the most popular and will bring in the most sales.
  4. I love data and numbers! Thanks for sharing!
  5. I shop mostly on MP unless its for buildings or landscaping stuff then I like to see them in-world. But clothes almost 100% on Marketplace. I can get Demos easy to try on and if the MP listing states its cheaper in-world I will go to the in-World store. But I like the ability to read reviews as well as leave reviews and also its convenient. It annoys me when a MP store doesn't have demos and also annoys me when they state demos are in-world only. So while I'm standing there naked trying things on I have to get dressed just to go grab a demo. More than half the time I wont bother and 95% o
  6. Curious what happened. Knowing what happened could potentially help someone in the future so that it doesn't happen to them.
  7. We can dream!! Zindra is so far off from the rest of the mainland, imagine a nice water trail to sail on from Zindra to the rest of mainland, maybe a few island stops along the way. That would be super cool. But I would love to see the Gaeta's get completed as well as Zindra though the completion might make a few people angry since they would lose their water views. But even if it was nothing more than a coast line added so you aren't looking under the map on those edge parcels would be nice...
  8. @Coffee Pancake 100% Love Jim Brownings channel
  9. Or if you have a USD balance on your account it will pull from that first before pulling from your payment info on file.
  10. Yep, I remember when I signed up I had to give name and DOB.
  11. A person DJing can see your IP if you have your music on and the DJ goes to their shoutcast page. Its a guessing game of whos IP is whos... but it is possible.
  12. This is a cool spot to visit http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Plum/122/53/34 Lists 1500+ peoples names from Beta. Some of the profiles you can pull up will say "Charter Member" rather than Resident. There is also a lot that gives no results in search also but its fun to search for names and see if they are still active
  13. Talk about a traffic killer, if I landed and got a popup forcing me to visit some website in order to stay I would just leave lol..
  14. Screenshot from the buy page. The top number on the list at the time of screenshot is L$250/UD$1.00 If you want money almost immediately you make offer for L$249 if you want to wait a little then L$250 (You have to wait through L$26,703,184 worth of linden requests ahead of you) anything higher L$251 252 253 254 etc... expect to wait a long time.
  15. This got me choked up a bit, just thinking in my head what I would say I don't think I would want to share that on the forums lol Edit: I have thought of putting a notecard in my inventory with the persons name on it who I want my account to go to, just as a last message type thing.
  16. I RARELY visit music places just because I feel obligated to tip. Also a lot of DJs are just organizing a list of songs and playing with SAM broadcaster or (Insert broadcaster software here) which I can just do that myself and listen to whatever I want on Youtube. So I find music venues that have these type of DJs boring. If there is a real DJ who is mixing their own stuff to create an experience then I would probably attend and feel ok with tipping. For me I guess its the difference between "Radio DJ" type people who just organize popular songs and play them in the order they c
  17. I don't disagree with you. You are 100% right. Edit: There definitely should be a way to block any avi thats set as a scripted agent. That would eliminate a lot of this as long as bot owners are following the rules and setting them as a scripted agent.
  18. You could always just ban as they come. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  19. Tip me instead of Kevin BAHAHAHAHA everyone loves Kevin lmao
  20. If your sim was "private, non-of-your-business" they wouldn't be able to visit 🤔 ----------------------------------- I have land in 28 regions at the moment. The last 4 days Ive had 21 bots (Ive never seen previously) land on them. Generally I don't give 2 craps about bots after I actually took the time to learn about bots and see how beneficial bots can be to the community (At least for the bot owners that share info) I am not sure who the owner of these 21 (so far 21) bots are and since they were triggering my visitor script (too many times) I just made a script that bans them
  21. I think this is cool lol. It's all for the RP! I know the aviation groups have rules in place also like having to fly 70m above the ground/water for larger planes. Not that everyone obeys the rules put in place but anyone who is part of the community usually does. When I go out flying (rare these days) I always follow the 70m rule.
  22. 1. Dont react sharply when he had the right to do that though asking you would have been a neighborly thing to do. 2. Thats not a mega prim its a partical which is why you cant return it.
  23. @StrongZer0 its everyone right now
  24. I think Linden homes lost their luster pretty quick. I got a Boat house and kept it a few days before abandoning it this last week. I just wanted to see if I could actually get one and it wasn't too hard. I didn't abandon because of the lack of population (I needed the tier free) even though not a single other person was on sim in the 2-3 days I made that my new standing spot. Aren't linden homes just the place you go to when your real home region is restarting? 🤣 Just visit Zindra the adult area, You will find plenty of crowded sims full of AFK sex people, some to t
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