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  1. Thanks for visiting us Animats! We hope you joined the group and come back when we are offering scheduled rp sessions. The more the merrier and the more we can expand and have more ♥ ☻
  2. Another Earth: Chicago Chronicles is seeking like minded roleplayers for a Cyberpunk and dystopian RP. Enter an alternate reality Earth where magic, high tech, cybernetics, the supernatural, and faith in the gods collide in Chicago, the City of Dragons. We are going to have live events, RP sessions, book readings from the author, a quarterly fashion event, and so. much. more! Come check us out! https://maps.secondlife.com/.../Another Earth/212/80/1005
  3. I didn't think it was either.
  4. Can a creator report you for copyright infringement if you modify an item you purchased from them on the marketplace and rename it? The item would not be sold or distributed as a modified unit, but only used for business purposes. Thanks for your help in the matter.
  5. After Party by A&M MOCAP Animation Workshop. One of my most favorite awkward dances. You either look like you can't dance or you are too drunk to care. LOL good luck...and I hope this is what you were looking for :-) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mocap%20Dancer/128/128/506
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