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  1. this happens to me too, I enter without problems, but I often manage to enter from 2-3 attempts, the last time I tried for 2 hours, but thank God I was able to enter
  2. похоже на вчерашние проблемы
  3. I think everyone will be able to enter soon. I was finally able to enter, please be patient and wait a bit. Thank you all and good luck in real life and virtual
  4. I can say approximately, this is when in Europe after 17:00. But I say the approximate time
  5. there is a certain time when the chat is answered by employees
  6. I wrote to the support chat, but at this time the chat is working on the answering machine.
  7. reading the message of those who cannot enter, it seems to me that the south of Europe cannot enter
  8. Most likely this is a common problem, and those who entered they were just lucky. Hopefully the lab will fix it soon
  9. Hello . I hope they solve this problem soon i got this message Investigating - Second Life is currently unavailable. Our engineers are working on correcting the issue as quickly as we can. Please check this blog for future updates as we have them.
  10. Спасибо за попытку помочь, все было восстановлено, видимо это была проблема интернет-провайдера
  11. Привет всем, я не могу пойти в SL и на рынок.Это только я или это обычная проблема?
  12. опять проблемы со входом
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