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  1. We are still hiring For those who have filled in the form, please wait for a reply until 31st to reschedule the interview as both the manager and owner were extremely busy in RL this week. We're sorry for the inconvenience
  2. We are still looking. Please head to link for updated form https://forms.gle/X7z9fkqeh11GdXNL9
  3. The one who has filled in the form, please comtact nrlhnh resident as we would like to schedule an interview:)
  4. LifeCare :: Maternity and Medical Center is a roleplay centered institution founded in 2016 and relaunched in 2019. Designed after a realistic hospital, our purpose is to offer accurate roleplay and thorough support to every patient, following Moms and Dads through each step of their experience from conception to delivery. We offer support for POOTERBILT, Twisting Fates, Mama Allpa, Deciduan and other HUDs, as well as standard roleplay. OPEN POSITIONS : • Doctors (General, OB/Gyn, Pediatrician, etc.) • Midwives and Doulas • Nurses • Other (Massage Therapist, Childbirth Class Teacher, etc.) Requirements, payment, and application form can be seen here : https://forms.gle/gnbREhxpLKVRrjgt5
  5. Thank you for the interest. Would you mind sending me a notecard with your available times for interview?:)
  6. nrlhnh resident. I sent you a notecard :)
  7. I posted this 3 hours ahead of ArayaResident. But thank you for the notice.
  8. Virtual Fantasy Media is looking for a personal assistant. About the job : - Day-to-day operations. - Most tasks can be done at home or other locales on the grid. - 4 hours a week and which one of the hour must be on Saturday. - Salary is 500L per hour. The job includes but not limited to : - Setting up interview for candidates - Taking notes - Send notices to groups, employees, and other companies. - Basic real estate tasks : fielding questions from customers, toggling land options, etc. Requirements : - Self-motivated - Capable of managing their workload in fast-paced corporate environment. - Access to Second Life through pc. - Write documents. - Respond to emails. - Uphold a strict level of confidentiality. - Develop and sustain a level of professionalism among staff and clientele. How to apply ? - Pick up the application here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Elisa/95/96/22 and submit it to Gabrieldavies777. or - Fill in the form here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe_rE28JqVq9OMya5ijR2DU-jrsiLa40524CLKMMQX9KADibQ/viewform We will get back to you once we receive the application.
  9. You can be copy writer, work in marketing, and write articles for magazines. There are some openings in this forum if you could spend some time searching and scrolling
  10. I'm interested too :) Feel free to IM me anytime! ^_^
  11. I'm interested and open anytime for a discussion
  12. Hello:) I have sent a notecard but I haven't received any reply if you have sent one.
  13. If the slot for woman still available, i would like to join
  14. You or someone you know in need for some extra linden? Bamboo Music & Play offers you positions as DJs and Hosts at our club. Requirements? Salary? Plus points when applying? Everything you need is in this form below https://goo.gl/forms/XikOSW4Xx3wRXOoo1 See you at the club
  15. My friends are a married couple and they are looking for a zooby baby preferably at stage 16-20. Payment will be discussed. Please IM me inworld
  16. You or someone you know in need for some extra linden? Bamboo Music & Play offers you position as DJs and Hosts at our club. We have Requirements? Salary? Plus points when applying? Everything you need is in this form below https://goo.gl/forms/AshhRxLtWOrQB4nk2 See you at the club
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