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  1. FOR SALE!!!! Only till 18th April before it is abandoned ! 1024 m2 LAND in an moderate region in mainland... buy now... negotiable Near to road and residential/ light commercial friendly http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maklovar/140/105/98
  2. FOR SALE Only till 18th April before it is abandoned ! 1024M2 LAND in an moderate region in mainland... buy now... negotiable Near to road and residential/ light commercial friendly http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maklovar/140/105/98
  3. Price reduced to 2800 L$ please message me before buying
  4. Come check this place out for Sale http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Maklovar/153/93/98 Asking 3200 L$ Prices Negotiable Happy holidays ❤️
  5. Hey everyone ... Parallel universe pageants is looking for people to join as executives, receptionists and managers... Hourly pay and flexible work timings.. Contact me here or.inworld to talk more.. angelstar42 resident We are in process of our next venture Power couple 2018
  6. No.. I may be a year old but I started visiting SL this year onwards. And no I don't " spam " my bosses or any groups. I did not even spam the rental group in question. I only picked the partnered people in that sim and asked them if they are interested in the contest. I don't understand so much hostility and terms like I have committed a crime... I am not talking about randomly messaging everyone and annoying, according to me there is a difference. But yes I do agree, people here come from different cultures and their views will be different, and I respect that. But all I'm saying is, if there was one warning or one message on this shouldn't be done and if I still continued, then the ban would have been justified. Well again, that is my view or something what I would have done. That is why I asked people on here, if you think it is unfair or just me.
  7. No, I didn't message in the group chat. I only messaged the person on the rental .. And the message was I am the manager of this contest , are you interested in participating ? No continuous messages too
  8. And I am not entitled for a refund? I paid for 3 weeks and it is my week 1 .. so the money for other 2 weeks is non refundable ?
  9. Hey everyone, please read this and let me know... This is about private region owned in SL and I want your opinions And possibly help if you feel I haven't done anything wrong or I haven't done that big of a violation to be treated like that. I work as a manager in the power couple contest and as a way to get more people and spread the word, I am promoting this contest. Many of you might have got a message from me about it. I am fairly new to SL so I don't have much friends or contacts... Similarly inworld , I look for groups that have their member list and have not mentioned I can't message them and send then ONE SINGLE message - a brief about the contest and if they are interested. Nothing after that if they don't reply. No follow up, no asking , no nagging. Like many of you must have seen. Yesterday I messaged some people from my rental and one happened to be the owner's alt. And without any warning, any intimation she banned me from the sim. I apologised to her since I thought maybe she was not okay with the idea, I explained to her that I was unaware of such a policy and even told her I have paid for 3 weeks rent with my hard earned money and please give me one last chance and consider. She never replied , nor did the support there. And MY friends who got the same rental yesterday requested to her too and they were banned as well. So I want to ask if what I did was such a huge thing that warrants a ban ? My idea of communication is word of mouth, we all have our dj and host friends who tp us or have conferences about their gigs. Do we ban them? I don't think so, or else how are people going to know about that club or about that dj or in my case .. about that contest. Please leave your opinions as comments have a nice day
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