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  1. You can be copy writer, work in marketing, and write articles for magazines. There are some openings in this forum if you could spend some time searching and scrolling
  2. I'm interested too :) Feel free to IM me anytime! ^_^
  3. I'm also interested if you're still looking:)
  4. I'm interested and open anytime for a discussion
  5. Hello:) I have sent a notecard but I haven't received any reply if you have sent one.
  6. If the slot for woman still available, i would like to join
  7. You or someone you know in need for some extra linden? Bamboo Music & Play offers you positions as DJs and Hosts at our club. Requirements? Salary? Plus points when applying? Everything you need is in this form below https://goo.gl/forms/XikOSW4Xx3wRXOoo1 See you at the club
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