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  1. COCKTAIL HOUR CREATORS MARKET 6TH-13TH JUNE Some stalls left. creators apply NOW to reserve your spot. ( contact Amythe Moonlight inworld by notecard for application form and details) Kushi textures are holding a Summer Creators Market in June! We have the most wonderful cocktail theme for our event! Zingy, Decadent, Luxurious, Refreshing - cocktails can be all that and more! Whether it be a classy dress for a summer's evening or something for the beach, or a wonderful tropical night our market designers and texture makers have been working hard to bring them to you! Set on a small tropical area with pool and cocktail bar the stalls surrounding it. it's a great place to take a break and feast your eyes on some new products and delights Come and take a break!. Wander round the stalls and see what they have brought to help you unwind! Feel that sun on your back, breeze in your hair and that ice cold drink in your hand! Open from 6th -13th June to the public All creators welcome but please note the sim is moderate. Let's make this summer hot and relaxing! Holiday in SL with us and pick up a bargain today! SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fashion%20Boulevard%20II/217/176/22
  2. I'm looking for a manager( possibly 2 due to time zones ) to help with my businesses. You will have: Good English, both written and spoken The ability to post notices in groups and update Facebook and Flickr Enjoy researching Be reliable and hardworking with enthusiasm for what you do Enjoy chatting and working with people Be very organised Be willing to promote the ideas of the businesses Be able to take the intiative when needed but also be a team player Have a great sense of humor Be flexible in your hours Be able to use Skype on occasion If you would like to know more ( yes it is a paid job ) please contact me here or ingame ( Amythe Moonlight- by notecard please ) and ask for an application.
  3. It's something I've been considering. I adore landscaping and have even found some buildings I thought would look good. I've been hesitant because I'm not sure how many would be interested in renting and have held off for that reason. If you are interested enough to find out what I have in mind please contact me ingame preferably by notecard ( Amythe Moonlight ) and if there are enough of us I can discuss details and potentially go ahead.
  4. SL is currently eating my notecards. Please leave a message here with your ingame name and which post you would like to apply for and I will contact you ingame asap.
  5. We are looking for an experienced Media Manager and/or PA to promote our businesses on Social Media. The job will entail posting new events or items, weekly, to suitable groups on Flickr and FB, raising profile of the businesses and researching new groups to join Media Manager You will have excellent spoken and written English You will be available for occasional Skype meetings You will be reliable and have a passion for work. You will have good knowledge of Second Life and be able to show content at it's best on FB and Flickr and suggest other ways to reach new customers. Those with good photography skills, other languages, knowledge of reaching many SL groups on social media and inworld and who can write good copy will have an advantage. Personal Assistant The job will entail keeping the team on track, promoting the businesses, scheduling meetings and dealing with clients with issues and other tasks as required ( on discussion ) You will have excellent spoken and written English You will available for occasional Skype meetings You will be reliable and have a passion for work. You will be a team player willing to work to the directions of others You will be organised and efficient and able to work under your own initiative when necessary You will be good at making deadlines and helping others to do so You will have experience in SL and understand what it takes to run a business there. Skills such as copywriting, excellent photography, customer relations, other languages, posting notices, hosting, and rl skills that can be used ingame would be an advantage. The posts can be combined or seperate Please send a NOTECARD to Amythe Moonlight INGAME asking for an application form and naming the notecard Application ( Job ( MM or PA or Both) ) ( Your Name ) and including any questions you have. You will be contacted asap and may be asked to come and meet with us.
  6. Paradoxia, a place separated from time and space, is calling for you! Join us in our casual adult RP environment that gathers people from all times and locations in a multi-era interaction set in a land displaced in time. This little nexus is an ideal environment to take RP to another level and stretch your imaginations. Will you be a Villager of Xay, trying to make the best of the new world, or will you be a Renegade and live in the Deadman’s Cove. Or just be one of the numerous Transients who move through the land surviving as best they can. What will you make of Paradoxia, and what will Paradoxia make of you? Although aimed at Casual Roleplayers ,who do not have the time to commit to long ongoing stories, Paradoxia also welcomes those new to RP ( explanatory sessions available ) and experienced roleplayers ( particularly in the upcoming ,more involved , monthly storyline ) With three distinct areas and opportunities for many kinds of roleplay , Paradoxia is an adult sim and therefore no child avatars are admitted. Visit our website for more information https://paradoxiarp.weebly.com
  7. Psst if your armor is shiny it means you've never been in battle might want to rust it up a little or wear it in that rain Loveable rogues are always welcome *smiles*
  8. Chateau de la Rose is an upscale adult club with the emphasis on elegance ready to re-open this week. Currently we are seeking DANCERS Please note: We have a dress code We do not allow gestures, tummy talkers, titlers or text speak in the club. Dancers retain 80% of their tips If you'd like to work at an upscale venue with a difference and join our family we'd like to hear from you! Please contact Amythe Moonlight ingame for an application form ( send a notecard if I am not online as my IMs cap )
  9. We have a few hosts now though can always do with more so apply if you'd like to. Still looking for DJs!
  10. Chateau de la Rose is an upscale adult club ready to re-open. Currently we are only seeking DJs and Hosts. HOSTS Do YOU have a friendly personality and love chatting to people? Do you want to keep 100% of your tips? Do you want to be part of our growing family? Then apply to be one of our amazing hosts! Hosts will be trained in our preferred method and those without experience are welcome to apply. We will employ avatars of 30 days+ as hosts but newer avatars wanting to learn about hosting may apply as observers and for training until they are at the required age. DJs Do you play awesome music? Do you interact with crowds and play for the people? Do you take requests? Have you DJ'd in SL before? If the answer is yes then please apply to be an awesome Chateau DJ! Please contact Amythe Moonlight ingame for an application form stating which position you would like to apply for ( send a notecard if I am not online as my IMs cap )
  11. KT Festivals runs Charity Festivals and events several times a year. We currently seek 2-3 assistants to help us organize and stage the events. Duties might involve sending out info, contacting merchants to participate or to assist them, talking to potential merchants , interacting with entertainers, host-like duties during sets. Tasks may vary and there will be times of hectic activity followed by times of rest. If you are interested in raising money for charities and feel you have skills that might suit the above position please contact Amythe Moonlight ingame by NOTECARD with your SLname ( original ) and timezone and request an application form.
  12. Are you a Blogger? Do you enjoy writing about new products and talent and showcasing them ? Do you write your own opinions of the products highlighting the style, make, quality, color or other features? Would you like to blog to help a worthwhile cause? If the answer is yes to the above please send a notecard with your sl name ( original not display ) and a link to your blog ingame to: Felicityspencer Applications for bloggers are now open and we would love to hear from you.
  13. KT Festivals runs Creators Festivals a few times a year to benefit chosen charities. This Festival's Charity is the World Autism Organisation. Creators of all kinds join in the Festival where you will find stalls of items, bargains and exclusives, "one off "auctions, hunts, competitions, music and entertainment. We still have some spots for merchants looking for a stall at the event and would also be delighted to hear from entertainers ( live artists, dance troupes, djs etc) willing to offer their time to make the Festival a success. The Festival runs between July 14th-30th with set up from the 9th. For an application form please use this slurl to the info board Applications For further information please contact Amythe Moonlight or Kushi Vyper ingame ( by notecard if not online )
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