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  1. Thanks for the tips, ChantillyTex. You guessed correctly that I was getting the error about a duplicate event. I will try your suggestions.
  2. My group is hosting a two-week long event in SL. I would like to be able to post this on the SL events calendar, but when I try to post it onconsecutive days, an error message is returned. What is the proper way to invite people to events that last more than 12 hours?
  3. All VKC Pets released since September 2012 are pathfinding-enabled. Gradually, the creator is re-releasing older pets with the new pathfinding skills but balancing this effort with creating new pets and updating the scripts to ensure that the VKC Pets are the best that they can be. Medhue, it would be a thrill if they were able to have skeletons that allowed them to move more naturally and with even less lag. As it is, the VKC Pets place pretty light demands on the region's resources, especially with pathfinding enabled. As it is today, in addition to the animations for basic movements, both
  4. Beauty and brains, too. Supermodel Roe is a VKC Proven Trainer who helps folks with their VKC Dogs. Great photograph, Fina!
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