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  1. Hello Dinkies and everyone! I am Purr, a Dinkie. Dinkies, if you are looking to ride and want a Dinkie friendly MC, come down to Black Moon Rising MC. I am a Prospect there going for Tail Gunner. I was greeted by Bunny the VP, and after talking to him a bit, I felt like I knew him forever. Then I met Keltis (the Prez) and Chelley (the Rally Capt), two other awesome people. These guys became my SL family. So if you guys want a fun place to ride, come on down and ride our track and have a chat. Here is the LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Spirit Creek/80/145/22. Have fun!
  2. I love that Chantilly. I will definitely try that lol. I have 3 avis so it might look good on at least one of them, right? Thank you for the advice. Ahh the things you can learn in SL. Sassy
  3. I never was able to transfer a L$1 demo. That's one thing I look close at. It was always copy/mod or just copy. @Dana. I never got my L$1 back. That's another thing I look closely at is my transaction history. That's why I won't shop at those stores, or the stores that don't have demos. Bottom line of my post was that if the merchants had demos they could probably make more sales. You merchants are one of the backbones to SL. I love to see you guys make it. You merchants are wonderful people. And thank you for being there. Nothing worse than having a naked avi lol. Good luck to yo
  4. Hi Tazzie To me you hit the nail on the head. What is another 5 to 10 minutes when you can make the profits. And if designers don't see it the way we do, honestly, it's their loss. The system layer clothing I agree, but I only buy mesh. Reason being is sometimes system layer looks painted on if not done right. With mesh, the clothes seem more 'fuller?' and has a more realistic look to it. But when you're dealing with the alpha layer, sure the item may look great, but because of the alpha, you're still having see through parts. And that's the reason for the demos. I like to see the
  5. When I first came to SL I didn't know stores had demos until someone showed me after blowing L$600. I have access to all the linden I need to go shopping, pay my tier, or whatnot. But I too go by the motto "No demo=no buy". I'm not going to spend my lindens on a product and hope it fits while you get my lindens no matter what. If a customer goes by that No demo=no buy motto, you lose a sale no matter what. You put out demos, you just might make a sale. Say the demo cost you L$1, and the product you're selling costs L$200-L$300, you still netted a profit of L$199 to L$299. I'd
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