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  1. Hello, Since yesterday I am having this issue, I can't log in to SL website to edit some of my account settings. I keep getting the 500 internal server error when clicking on the LOG IN button on the top right of the page. I tried with different web browsers, including Chrome, Opera and Firefox. Also cleared cachE and cookies, but nothing has worked so far. Anyway, many thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Well, I disabled the Automatic Alpha Masks and now the dolphins texture's opacity looks ok in my viewer. But as you said, it's a local setting, and it's not a default one, at least in Firestorm or in the Official Viewer. So I guess that means my tattoo will still have no transparency for most people out there 🙁
  3. So is there any way to set 1% transparency on a local texture? I usually make a prim cube with a script that tells me the local texture UUID and load my tattoos designs on it, get the UUID, and use it on my tattoos appliers for testing how the tattoo fits. But with this opacity issue I am getting quite frustrated. ☹️
  4. Hi, Whirly Fizzle! I am using this version, I updated to it many days ago. Firestorm (Firestorm-Releasex64 64bit) This is how I see a tattoo texture saved with 49% opacity in Photoshop. The transparency shows up fine: The texture is being applied on all sides of a prim, as a local texture. Then I repeat the same process, but saving the same image with 55% opacity in Photoshop. Once applied on the same prim, the tattoo looks completely solid, as if I have saved it with 100% opacity in the editor. I have attached both images in case you want to try the
  5. Hello, I am having the following issue since the last few hours. I make a tattoo in Photoshop, save it with 60% opacity as PNG, then upload it to SL and open the texture, transparency looks ok. Then I set it as the texture of a prim cube... the tattoo image appears 100% solid. But if I save the same tattoo with a 49% opacity as PNG and apply it... the transparency appears to be fine. Repeat the process, but with 50% opacity... solid tattoo once again. 😤 Further tests: 33% opacity = Working fine 66% opacity = working fine 70% opacity = Solid tattoo 7
  6. Hello! I was wondering if there Is a way to lower the opacity of an already applied tattoo via script. I am trying to improve a tattoo applier HUD so I could apply the tattoo with it (already achieved), but then also add 2 buttóns scripted to lower or increase the opacity of the texture, or maybe 2 or 3 buttons with fixed opacity levels (100%, 75%, 50%). Many thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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