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  1. Welcome to SL. I'm only a few weeks or so old but have already gotten used to it. I am able to be your friend in-world and I'm not sure what I really can offer aside from hanging out at shops, clubs, etc.
  2. HeavenleaBakerly wrote: You're just rude, if you don't like the idea then just move on. You've given your opinion, no need to further insult anyone. No one tells you what to do with your so get off this forum and go find a life or someone else to be miserable with. This person trolls the forum all the time, so best to ignore it.
  3. Got a question: Why did you make two similar threads? Your original one was here I also see that they ALWAYS have ads listed all of the time. I think they post their events too often... I dunno of anyway to block SL events/ads aside from ignoring them manually. I believe they also try and use their staff to post a crap ton of stuff in the events page too... This is highly frowned upon, and the Lindens won't do jack even if you do report them. I believe they're not breaking the 'using alts to post more than 5 events isn't cool' rule sadly. I dunno how they aren't getting into trouble either
  4. LL won't do jack squat about resident to resident disputes because they're lazy.
  5. Bobbie Faulds wrote: To the smart asses, SL search tool doesn't always show up everything. I know for a fact that one store I was looking for didn't show up in search and yes, I had the right name. I ended up having to locate the owner and get the link to the store from her picks. Yes, I let her know it wasn't showing up. This is an established store so no reason it shouldn't be. Have the same problem with my own store, by the way, and I pay to have it shown in search. So, be sure you know what you're talking about before you get snarky, especially when dealing with LL broken inworld sear
  6. Venus Petrov wrote: "LIFE IS WHAT U MAKE OF IT .....GOOD ARE BAD U MUST ALWAYS SHINE KNOWING THAT GOD GOT U ****ENJOY EACH MOMENT AND SECOND AS IF ITS UR LAST U NEVER KNOW.....RESPECT PEOPLE TO THE FULLEST BUT ONCE U CROSS ME ITS A WRAP.. " Have you considered making that signature line a trademark? Or at the very least a good texture to sell or give for free on the marketplace. I may stop by sometime in-world.
  7. I usually find a good shape or skin I like that I am allowed to modify to make my boobs as big/small as I want, or find some kinda attachment thing to make them bigger/smaller. But guys, ass > boobs IMO
  8. I'd consider changing your email's password as well JUST in case.
  9. You'll find that most are 'tips only' for payment, and you aren't even guaranteed to get paid squat working for a few hours. I have seen some clubs pay their DJs / Hosts / whatever an 'hourly' wage with Lindens as of late though. Being a DJ gets you bigger tips than being a host to what I've gathered too. You gotta be one hell of a good host to even get 1k or 2k Lindens at all. .
  10. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Setting up your own stream isn't hard.. Streaming, playing music and running SL all at once is hard on your PC though. Which is why its easier and cheaper to rent a stream in SL. Wow, never knew that myself!
  11. Caitlin Tobias wrote: Basilique is perfect! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Our%20Island/110/123/25 Gotta agree. It is so pretty!
  12. Is it lagging the sim or something? Wouldn't LL or whoever the sim owner know to already ban or eject this guy?
  13. Look in my picks for YOLO Club. You can grab an app and apply for DJ if ya want! I am a hostess, by the way at said club.
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