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  1. "It's very important that people have just enough faith in SL commerce that they continue to buy" Exactly. This is why they should be taking these scamming situations seriously instead of just blowing off their user base.
  2. Second life has 3 sets of actions people can take; 1. a case file you can open. 2. in world abuse/scam report 3. marketplace product FLAG. I submitted all 3 and no action has been taken. I also included a screen cap of my chat with this seller where he admits the description was false but still refuses to refund my money. I was just told by SL that I have to take it up with the seller. So if SL takes no sides why do they bother to give the appearance that they are going to do anything by providing these 3 services? Also by doing nothing they are taking the side of the criminals that
  3. I reported a seller that uses false advertising to make sales. I requested a refund from the seller but he hid behind SL policy. The seller even deleted his product and relisted it so I could not leave feedback warning others of the scam. Relisting is against the rules of the marketplace so I flaged the item yet no action has been taken. My help request to SL has been answered and closed basically saying I have to deal with the seller. They have taken no action to my 'in world abuse claim', they have taken no action to the product FLAG and his misleading proucts are still ilsted. It sickens
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