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  1. Bottom Line: He lied to you, he made you feel unimportant. Someone who truly loves you will always make time for you no matter what. He was hiding what he was doing from you. You deserve far better, if you ever need to talk you can IM me in world.
  2. I am an experienced DJ looking for a few perm sets. I will only do mature or adult clubs. I play a mix of top 40, I have my own stream and use voice when I DJ! If interested please contact me in world!
  3. Rezzing is green now and I still cannot rezz!
  4. Anyone else having problems rezzing, been that way all day long.
  5. Club Se7en is now hiring new DJ's & Hosts! Our club is themed around the 7 Deadly Sins. We offer customers dance poles and private lap dance rooms for their own leisure as long as they are VIP. We also offer plenty of sitting and dance floor room, as well as a cozy friends/lovers lounge area complete with dance floor and DJ booth. The music we offer is anything that's in Top Hits. We exclude Country and straight Metal. If you're interested in working for us please let Josephina Franizzi know!
  6. I am a professional DJ seeking to get back into the swing of things, I started SL back in May of 2008 a month after starting SL i learned to DJ I am super excited to get back to doing what I love, I left DJing for a RL career and now I have the time to get back to it I DJ everything from Rock, Pop, Country, I am professional, respectful and always on time. I have my own stream I use voice when I DJ and I am active in local chat! Interested? Yay, IM me in world if you wanna know more!
  7. Hey everyone, I am seeking work either as a CLUB GM or as a Land Manager, if you have any work available in either of those please let me know!
  8. ♕Platinum Lace is Hiring!♕ Deejays and Dancers! ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ ♕ Requirements ♕ ★ You MUST be 18+ in RL and SL. Age play results in a ban and a report. ★ We do not hire noob looking avatars, this means no flexi hair, no prim feet, etc. You require to have at least a mesh body, hair, and clothing. ★ English is a must, there are no translators allowed. ★We hire quality, therefore please apply only if you are serious about working. ★ We only accept, EDM, top 40 & Rnb! Come down to the club and pick up an application! The Limo is fully stocked with champange! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Castaway/157/62/21
  9. Your right Chad, I worked there as an DIR and was supposed to be paid 3k she paid everyone else but me. She has no business skills whatsoever. Avoid this place at all costs there are much better places where you will be appreciated than this drama pit.
  10. Worst place to work they hire NOOBS as GM's who have ZERO idea what they are doing. Oh and they own me 3k for the last week I worked there so if you wanna get used and tossed aside work here but if you have any self-respect you will avoid this place if its the last thing you do. They also like to play favorites and hire back disrespectful staff who curse at you and then tell you they hired them back and you pretty much have to deal with it. There are WAY better clubs for live-mix DJ's than this hot mess of a club!
  11. I have put in an application for here and heard nothing back from anyone.
  12. Yeah don't bother with this place. The owner is totally unprofessional. He grabbed my ass and told me If he had known I was this hot he wouldnt have wasted time talking to me. Dude needs to grow up and learn some respect and manners. You do NOT ever touch a woman without her approval.
  13. Hiya, Club Soho is seeking hosts, we have various time slots that you are looking for open. Feel free to message me in world for more information!
  14. Hiya, Club Soho is seeking hosts for various time slots if your interested feel free to IM me in world!
  15. I put in a support ticket and had the land rolled back and now I can rez perfectly fine!