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  1. I had a vampiric bald base in my inventory. It worked and made me bald.
  2. Hello Im Breck. Second day on Secondlife and I am wondering how I make friends? I like Games, Cars, Sports, and cooking. Uh not sure what else to put.
  3. Got it thanks everyone!!
  4. Cant edit the blank hair and I dont know where I can replace the blank hair with as I have bought several hair none of which have the bald base option
  5. No options to shrink hair. Sad to say.
  6. Im not sure as I dont see any hair in my inventory.
  7. Title says it all. Marturity rating keeps changing so I can not buy adult items. What do I do to get it to not change. Thanks
  8. The hair didnt remove. Im not sure what to do or how to replace it as my hair hasnt removed ..
  9. I was told it was the secondlifes bald base. I need to replace that. Does all hair come with a bald base because I bought regrave and it did not.
  10. I changed my skin and shape but I still have the begginer hair on. How do I take it off? I have a new hair but it doesnt take it off.
  11. BreckStorm

    Skin wont change

    I bought a nice skin but it wont change. It stays on the noob skin. Please help and thanks
  12. Thanks. Thats good to know because I am lost.
  13. Thanks for the help and thank you for the link. Ill look for the answers section. Sorry ladies.
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