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  1. Personally, as long as they're going to invest money into Second Life and keep it alive for years to come, 5% is not really a big deal. Sure, there are other transaction fees, taxes, insurance, accounting, tools, but this is what everyone has to deal with. I'd say that 5% is pretty generous. In the end it's just about making the best out of it. I would never think of increasing the price of my items to make the residents cover the extra fee. People have been supporting me for years and I think these are the people keeping SL alive and since money is a strong motivation - having creators
  2. Has there been any information about this? I've seen that exchange rate has been stable for a long time, something started happening recently, but now it's pretty bad. Over last 2-3 days the amount of lindens to cash out that would give me $2000 few days ago, right now is equal to around $1850 and keeps dropping constantly, so I had to put a sell order because it seems to get worse even over a few minutes and didn't get any better. Not too happy.
  3. Maybe You can have a nice chat about pussies at least. You know...like...kitties.
  4. Hey! I've had the same exact problem since one of recent FS updates. Ive tried a bunch of things including changing the viewers and clean installs, but it is clearly server-sided. The thing that helped me was resetting avatar to default one, then putting outfit I want and saving it again. After a while it glitches for me again, but it works as temporary fix. It's a reason why I don't change that much ;p
  5. I changed the value, I will try and use it now for a while to see if its any better. It's quite a shame for me, because things used to work pretty well and then they made some different choices and....it is what it is. Thanks.
  6. Hey there! Since new Firestorm update I wasn't able to disable this option, it's just greyed out. It has always been causing a massive performance drop and I would rather wait for textures to load in over time rather than using this option, because freezes and massive lag spikes made going around sl quite frustrating for me. Has something changed in the way textures load or is there any way around to be able to disable it? It's quite a thing for me so I will appreciate any kind of help. 
  7. I have made quite a few Gacha machines and nobody ever had any issue wth these. I have bought a bunch of these and I only had problem with it once - there was a broken script in a wearable bag. But I just ignored it, because seriously, the price for most gachas is just 50L$....it's such an incredibly low price that it's a nobrainer when comes to purchasing something you like. Moreover, it adds the random element of what youre getting, which for many people is source of adrenaline / excitement as well, making them feel good when they get the rare one. I just see these people as having an expens
  8. I'd go with PayPal, didn't have issues with it this far. And it's been a long time.
  9. Hi there! *** tldr; just message me or leave a post in here, your sex doesn't matter ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ *** I am leaving topic here in case if there was someone in the same situation, which is just looking for someone new to chat with. I'm 23 years old guy from Europe, currently occupied in a big part by studying. I live in Denmark and I am (as cheesy as it might sound) a really friendly and outgoing person. :o) In second life I am usually just hanging out with family and chatting with a person or two, I wasn't that actively seeking friends lately and I feel like it would be nice to get to know a new pe
  10. I'm not sure right now, maybe that's it. I never had trouble with my meshes and I've been doing similar works as well...this just happened recently. So I'm wondering now. I know that in past ATI cards ( I have one) have had trouble with rendering with second life, with newer drivers it got better at some point, maybe they messed up something as well ( I know there has been a lot trouble with OpenGL). I made my family and my girlfiend today to relog multiple times and tell me if they see any flickering, but they didn't see anything. ..they thought I'm going crazy at some point But then I s
  11. Thanks for reply! I've been testing it for quite a while and I really don't get how it works. Sometimes it works fine couple times when im around it, and then when i relog it starts flickerng. Moreover, I've noteiced it on plenty objects it didn't happen before. At the same time all the people around me say they can't see any flickering. So i'm wondering if it's something individual? Is that because of that random alghoritm? I've tried numering layers of vertices so it renders them in proper order from top to bottom, but that didn't help at all.
  12. I see... Thanks for reply. First thing I was experiencing with was making sure that these cards aren't touching each other... Then I tried making larger gap between them, but I have to move them really far away to make flickering go away. I can't move it too far or it will look terribly unnatural. So I guess there's no simple solution to that? Liam
  13. Hi again! Last time You've been really helpful, so I've decided to post with one more thing. I'm having trouble with my meshes flicker out of blue while theyre close to each other, they keep overlapping... example here: It shows up as there black spots. However when I keep zooming away it keeps changing between being normal and showing these black spots, it keeps flickering. I've tried various LOD settings, uploading .jpg textures to make sure there's no alpha channel, changing blending mode to make sure theres no alpha...but it keeps happening. This is how it's supposed to look like:
  14. Thanks for help! I am experimenting a little with it, and it seems like that "glitch" works.... that might be sort of helpful
  15. Thanks for your reply, ChinRey. I guess I will have to get over it and start making LOD manually, because it helps drastically. Thanks for tips! Liam
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