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  1. paulinetaylor2015 wrote: I had anothere alt I would love to rp as ingrid dreacula she is my fav but I do not know where to start on sl to rp as her? http://secondlife.com/destinations/roleplay/vampire
  2. Eksynn wrote: so i have a question (or a thousand).. figured i'd open this thread to put up some questions and answers regarding SL weddings. guess i'll get right to it. i'll edit this list as i get more questions asked/answered. 1. what happens if the bride/groom loses connection? If you're using a wedding service of some kind in SL, this is something you'll want to clear up before you book. Most likely they have a policy on how long they will wait if you're paying for someone's time (officiant, venue, etc.) If you're putting everything together yourself, I'd still make sure the whol
  3. Latharcia Xevion wrote: Just as the title says, when it comes to retrieving your old accounts that might be lost due to old password / email, blocked accounts due to random things like payment information etc. Unless you have the best memory on hand to answer their questions if your account was create back in 05-09, which most people won't, their customer service will literally do nothing but tell you they can't help you unless you answer 100% on their 3 questions that you filled in ages ago. I couldn't disagree more. They did an amazing job retrieving a very old acount of mine, create
  4. My suggestion is to ask on the Adobe forums. Relatively few SL creators use Illustrator. I'd love to help, myself, but I'm still a beginner with that program.
  5. BigRobCaneMakai wrote: After this I came and found this forum so I can ask that Linden Labs do a little better than this letting all these weak racist and bigots escape in your game running you second lifers off. I totally agree! They should start with the people roleplaying racist stereotypes.
  6. I've seen some hospitals, fire departments, etc. around sl that had applications out for people interested in roleplaying. They probably offer training to new group members. Or you could find the owner of the groups and ask them for suggestions on how to get the training you need.
  7. Sure, it can work. While I'm not familiar with this specific location, I have visited a couple of inworld restaurants that charge a fee and enjoyed myself. No idea if they actually manage to recoup their costs through the fees they charge. Probably not.
  8. I'm pretty excited about it, but I don't really expect it to be open to the general public until next year. Based on the released information I'm expecting a sort of game engine/virtual world hybrid. If LL successfully delivers on that I'll be very happy. I've liked that LL has been releasing some information about Sansar over time. There is still some information that I'd really like to have, but hopefully that gets released around the time that the creator preview starts. I haven't applied for it because right now I'm unsure whether I have enough time or the skill set to properly take
  9. Quinn Lysette wrote: age does not matter 17 to 33 is fine if yr married or pregnant i dont mind im lonely il need yr promise that u will spend time with me whenever i need you . . . of this. (Bolding mine.) I don't usually care what people do here, but would be unconscionable. Also a few other things. But let's just stick with unconscionable as that's the politest I can be about this at the moment.
  10. Destiny Mynx wrote: **bleep**ing creep is looking for people to webcam so he can jerk off. should use your big boy words and say horny instead of sad. get a life. people take time to message to have a conversation to chat and all you ask over and over is to watch and let you jerk it. I certainly hope that's not the case, because . . . .
  11. The Marketplace has a section for that. You'll need to check the Permissions on the right side and the Product Details for licensing information (commercial/noncommercial, etc) for each listing.
  12. Nyrvachan wrote: I got Blender off Steam for example. So now what? I even got Poser 9, but not sure that does anything that works with this at all. I took my first steps with Blender. I found that I didn't really start to catch on until I found the "right" set of tutorials for me. My suggestion is searching out the very best beginner's tutorial series you can find. I remember liking the offerings from Blender Cookie, Blender Guru, and Lynda. I know at least one has a free trial. Another has a big YouTube channel and is very active in the Blender community. Make sure that wh
  13. Nyrvachan wrote: Yes I am a real person new to second life. . . . . I'm interested in creating my own fantasy avatars either way- and of course, being legit. If I can't do the WoW ones fine, I'd want to do my own elf ones or something. The stuff I've found in game so far is kind of lackluster for looking how I want. It's not that I'm out to do anything illegal- I like fantasy-based characters. That's what I want to have. Sorry I asked. No need to be sorry. I think a big part of the reaction is that many here have seen similar questions asked by people who were only int
  14. Something appropriate to the event itself. I'd look at where it is being held, how it is being presented, and whether there is information on the invitation about a recommended dress code. If there's no other information, I'm probably going with the equivalent of business casual or whatever's normal for my avatar.
  15. Which program were you planning to use?
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