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  1. After reading some of the posts and not sure where to start with replies, I decided this-- I'm just going to flat out apologize to everyone- I'm new to this site. I asked for some information, albeit, it was something I didn't think through, and I didn't like some of the responses. So I apologize for my reaction if I came across wrong. I intended no offense or wrongdoing when I made my post- I just didn't think it through. I'm someone with a creative buzz and this SL thing, while it's different than playing WoW or Skyrim or whatever other gaming I do- (I guess an online sim? I don't know what you call this.) I just see the potential with being able to create things. This site has been around for awhile too. So I guess I have an interest in seeing what I can do to create my own things. Yes, the idea of creating my WoW characters sounded cool until it was pointed out that's infringement. Like I said, I concede that point. I wasn't attempting to steal anything- it's just my thinking of the artistic aspect, I didn't consider the legal side of it when I asked. But I do have plenty of my own ideas so yes, I can actually make stuff I DO have the intellectual rights to as it were. So to that end, yes, it's about pursing creative aspirations based on that aspect. Some of you have already shared some ideas, thank you - I very much appreciate it. and I've been trying to see what I can find on YouTube. I got Blender from Steam- if there are other programs I can get "on the cheap" that will help me build character models and objects of my own I can import, I would like to know about them- and especially if they're on Steam. (Hey, Steam is having a big sale this weekend, ya know? Great time to grab this stuff. lol!) I don't think I could afford Maya or some of the expensive programs. But I'm interested in learning anything I can. In my case I really just didn't know where to start. If you're totally new to SL and don't know "jack squat" about making things on here, where to start. Although in this first week I did figure out how to import textures and apply original images I created to an existing shirt model I have which allows it. It has "no transfer" permissions so it's just for my character, but that's OK. I figure I have to start somewhere. I'm sure it's easier to learn to mod things, but create from scratch? I'd have no idea how to map out those t-shirt shapes so they come out right- for example, unless Blender does all that? I don't know. Anyways, once again, my apologies. And no hard feelings. :-)
  2. I like the video Kevin Smith put out. I've kind of adopted the concepts myself. "Why" vs "Why Not" people The "Why" people are the negative people in your life- that question what you want to do. The people you don't want to listen to. "Why do you want to do this? what makes you think you can do this?" etc. Chic Aeon going "shakes head and walks away" and Pamela Galli's comments, and a few others, and also comments about how "thin skinned" some on here think I am are clear examples of "Why" people- and not worth listening to. Or attempting to start a flame war while citing the urban dictionary about what THEY think a flame war is so they can justify being anti-social and toxic on a forum... whatever. It's not about being "thick skinned" to me- maybe it's about wanting to act like an ADULT and not a 12 year old forum troll. Those offering me negative feedback with nothing constructive, you're the "why" people, so there's nothing to listen to with you. I concede the point that you cannot use this to recreate intellectual property owned by another party- though how you went about it as though I was someone trying to steal something. I was thinking purely from an artistic/creative standpoint, and didn't consider that. But I concede the point. Considering your otherwise toxic attitudes towards me you can be dismissed. I really don't care what you think. And you're wasting your time if you respond any further. Those offering positive feedback that has something to offer, you are the "why not" people. thank you. I agree about the forums (so far) being as toxic as the WoW forums. Actually I think you describe most forums. There are some level-headed people, but most people chose to be toxic and say things they wouldn't dare say to someone IRL to their face. That's a fact. The "Why Not" people are those who post positive comments and have good things to say, and encourage what someone wants to do. Those are always worth listening to. I was thinking purely from a creative and artistic standpoint, and admittedly not thinking about the whole copyright thing I admit when I initially posted. For that I apologize and that was an error on my part. But yes, I may not be able to do "WoW characters", however I still want to create my own avatars of stuff I DO own intellectual property rights to. And there I DO have free reign. I just haven't a clue where to begin. Someone posted a link to a list of forum topics but sadly again- that's no better than a google search with a bunch of links that... I don't know where to start. There's still plenty of things I can do that constitutes original content ideas of my own. I am totally new to this game, simulation, or whatever you want to call it. And if some people don't like it that my wanting to create my own avatars cuts into their making virtual currency, maybe they should have offered to make something FOR me? (too late) I spend $30 a month for 2 WoW accounts to dual box for Pete's sake. So that's what I've got to say about that. I named this "Avatar Creation for Total Morons" - because I am someone who knows absoultely nothing about this. And even if I want to make something completely from scratch that is my own complete original idea, I need something a complete "noob" and "novice" like myself who knows nothing about using 3D rendering programs can follow and understand. And like I said, I even have my own artwork I wouldn't mind doing avatars based on. If I can't do WoW avatars, so be it. I can live with that. I got Blender off Steam for example. So now what? I even got Poser 9, but not sure that does anything that works with this at all. Just know- if people want to be a "negative Nancy" I'm just going to ignore it from now on. If you got something positive or constructive to say, awesome! I'm totally gonna be into it. And that's with this or any other topic on the forums. Life's too short for the "why" people out there. Anyways, thanks again - especially to those who have been helpful here so far.
  3. And so Chic, your solution is to start a flame war with me? You're just further showing me this is no place to come for help on anything. Thanks.
  4. Yes I am a real person new to second life. Wow! pretty cold reception! I wasn't trying to do anything illegal. Actually that's a good point. I just didn't think of it that way. One thing I DO own is my own profile avatar art. But I wouldn't have a clue how to make an avatar based on that. I doubt you would tell me that either based on how you answered me here. I'm interested in creating my own fantasy avatars either way- and of course, being legit. If I can't do the WoW ones fine, I'd want to do my own elf ones or something. The stuff I've found in game so far is kind of lackluster for looking how I want. It's not that I'm out to do anything illegal- I like fantasy-based characters. That's what I want to have. Sorry I asked.
  5. Hello, I want to say hello, and I'm totally new to Second Life- so far it's pretty cool. I'm kind of playing it off on the side, especially while there's the big "content drought" waiting for "Legion" to drop on World of Warcraft. But that's kind of why I'm here. I've already seen what people have done in terms of complete avatars. I have Sylvanas Windrunner already as a complete avatar that I got from the store with the virtual currency (not to mention a lot of stuff I got for free.) I would say I am a "complete noob" as far as anything with making and rendering 3D models. but I would very much love to have avatars of some of a couple of my WoW characters in SL. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/illidan/Nyrva/simple http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/illidan/Milwaukee/simple These are my blood elf hunter and my pandaren monk from World of Warcraft- two of my best toons- I also use WoW Model Viewer for making Machinima videos (I have my channel "Nyrvachan" on YouTube, my "Machinima" playlist" is where you can see what I do.) So it sometimes involves working with models from the game even though I'm not actually in the game. There are some export options. Once I have the model from the game into the program I can export as either a FBX or OBJ file, or I can choose ExportModel.xml. Does anyone know how I can use either of these to create a model to import as an avatar for SecondLife? And again I am someone who knows nothing- so it has to be something a complete moron at this can do. I would appreciate any information or advice anyone has about this. And thank you in advance. :-) -- Bigg Jim aka Nyrvachan
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