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  1. I am interested in trying to make mesh objects. Are there any classes in Second life or on youtube that would help me get started? Thanks!
  2. Ok, I think I have a better handle on what is going on now. So, now for a more advanced (for me anyway, haha!) question: What is the best way to buy Lindens? open market or take the fast way (which I am guessing is always the worst exchange rate)?
  3. I feel a bit sheepish now haha! I must have overlooked that like a dozen times! Thanks so much!
  4. So, I looked today, still no lindens and now I can't find my open order (in order to cancel it). What do I do?
  5. Oh! I wasn't quite sure what I was doing! haha I tried to buy, but it told me there was a limit of what I could buy. I didn't understand why, so I started clicking around to try to find out more information and I saw the limit buy thing. Of course, I went with the best exchange (in my favor). I didn't realize it was a different method entirely! Should I cancel or just wait?
  6. Not sure if this is the right place to post. I've been trying to buy Lindens tonight, but I haven't gotten anything. It says my payment type was approved and that my order was successful, but I still don't have the Lindens I purchased. I looked all around in the account information and the only thing I could find was that the order was "open". what does that mean? I thought that once I paid, I would have the Lindens instantly. Am I out my money? Should I cancel the order (it does give me an option to cancel). How long does it usually take to get lindens into the account when you pay?
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