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  1. I noticed this happens a lot to me during teleport crashes or when crossing sim lines.
  2. Wow! Ten years is amazing. I hope yours and those with existing friendships and relationships like this continue to go on for years to come, even for as long as one's lifetime. I hope mine will too. Thank you for replying to this topic and sharing your experience with me.
  3. Thank you for taking the time to share your uplifting experience with me, it means a lot to me right now.
  4. Thank you. I am very grateful for this reply. It's inspiring to know that there are deep long term sl or online relationships that exist, be it friendship or romantic ones. Knowing that yours endured for as long as it did and as you say still goes on as friendship, despite of the distance and in spite of it being merely online gives me hope that the time I spend and the emotional investments that I make aren't all going to be futile . It's hopeful to learn that sl relationships doesn't have to be shallow or fleeting as what has been impressed on me by common perception and from what I've seen, heard, and expressed as opinion by others. I wonder if it's possible to talk about it more with you sometime in world, if that's alright?
  5. I'm sorry if this has been asked before, I didn't find any posts when I searched. The question is, has anyone here been in a long term, more than mere friends, sl relationship like for 8 to 11 or even more years? Has sl created such strong bonds that it endures and can last a lifetime beyond the existence of this platform? Was it hard to keep it going or was it easy for you? Were there breaks in between? How did you make it last long? What was the circumstances of both parties, if you care to share those too if not that's alright. If it was purely online or if you got to see each other in the physical world. If it ended and why? How did you feel about it? Others with less than the specified number of years can answer too. The same questions can be applied to sl friendships. I'm asking because the longest sl relationship that I have heard of was 6 years. Mine has gone on for nearly as long as my avatar has been in world, which is three years and nine months. I tend to get attached with the people that I form deep friendships, romantic relationships with, investing a lot of time, care and emotion into them. The idea that it's going to end is rather devastating. This isn't a survey, I'm genuinely interested and hopeful that long term bonds such as friendships, companionship, or romantic relationships in sl do exist.
  6. I'm Astra, astrahunt in world. I posted a more extensive introduction in the "Who are you? We want to know" thread. I find myself lately being alone more than usual and its made sl a lonely place. I have tried reaching out to people even going to places where I might chance bump into some good conversation and end up making new friends. Unfortunately, most of the people that I seem to be attracting are either people looking for a relationship or a random hook up. I'm not looking for either one but friends, people to talk with, and adventure buddies are more than welcome. I am a daddy's girl, quite shy but chatty, open and welcoming. I like to laugh and make others laugh as well. I'm into exploring, shopping, riding all sorts of vehicles on air, water, as well as land but I love being close to water most of all. I'm interested in attending events, going dancing, or just hanging out, goofing off and being silly. I prefer to surround myself with positive energy and good vibes but I understand if someone is having an off day too. I sometimes take photographs and keep thinking that one day I'd finally get my own blog going, someday. I find sl to still be a fascinating place even after all this time and despite of it having become a lonely place at the moment. Message me inworld if you think we'd click or if you are interested to have someone to converse with.
  7. I'm a daddy's girl, I didn't know I was one or that I'd enjoy being in this kind of relationship until I met my daddy and we clicked instantly on the first day that we met. I tend to be on the shy end of the spectrum but if you say hi, I do respond and open up to people unless I'm busy or I failed to see it. I'm quite chatty once the conversation has picked momentum. I love to laugh and make people laugh. I prefer to surround myself with good vibes and positive energy, but I understand when someone is having an off day too. I currently "live" on a 3 sim tropical beach resort where I sometimes help the sim owner with estate stuff. I like to explore interesting places, take photographs, go wandering along mainland streets and waterways just to see what is out there. I love sailing on my little catamaran and play songs from the Moana movie on repeat while doing so, especially the song "we know the way". *smiles sheepishly* .. I have other boats as well but the cat is my favorite. I go horseback riding, fly a helicopter, and drive a little carrot car sometimes too. I like to shop, attend interesting events, live performances, or just go dancing and talking. I've played several Madpea mystery games and enjoyed some of their themed hunts. I like decorating as well and there was a time when our parcel at home kept changing every few months because of this. Aside from having a human avatar, I sometimes transform into a tiny little bird and a mermaid when the mood hits me. I'm open to making friends that I can either hang out with, explore, have adventures with, or just someone to chat with and share interests and random talks. Even though I'm not a newbie anymore, I still see Second Life with awe and wonder. I love the possibilities, the endless creativity, ingenuity and the sense of community that it brings.
  8. I was recently at an event shopping for clothes when my eyes zeroed in on this tiny model of a tiki hut. I usually like walking through a house before I buy it but with this one I knew, I just had to have it. I demolished everything in our newly renovated parcel and set it up to accommodate this one small hut. The end result is this. Water, water, water everywhere! lol. It's not my first watery home, but this time there's even more water to play in. I love it! It's still a work in progress but here's what I've done so far.
  9. I finally got in, there are others online too judging by the group chatter but I'm guessing it might not be working for everyone yet. Just glad they're doing something about it, thank you LL
  10. Yep, still can't log in so i Nope, it isn't just you. I still can't log in either.
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