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  1. They told me there was cake but all I got were nuts.
  2. Thank you, I'm glad to hear that 🙂
  3. @iBrat @Sylvia Tamalyn @Elena Core @Eirynne Sieyes @Chic Aeon Sorry for the late reply, was sleeping when these was posted. I went back to search for the stones again with the coordinator and it may have been cleaned up already. So sorry for those who wasn't able to get it
  4. Sorry for the late reply, was asleep when all these was going down. I went back there just now to check on the hunt prizes and had a lovely chat with the coordinator. We didn't find the stones either. I'm so sorry, maybe Alex had already picked it up.
  5. This item is not exactly furnishing but if you like sprucing up your linden home landscaping, you might want to pick up the free stone building set studio skye is giving away at the cohiba bay, earth day event. There are other free items to be had but I'm really super excited about getting this one. Just have to grab the trash bag, add it to your avatar and click on the litter around the event area to find the prizes. It's time limited, until Sunday. Don't know what the exact time is when they'll pack it all up. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cohiba Bay/171/124/1074
  6. Back to the sea! Back to the sea, I go!
  7. Heyyyy! I think I see my house there among the stilts! loool. I see my tree and banana leaves!
  8. Back on the water again, enjoying the sea breeze as I return to the stilt homes after my very brief try at a chalet house, yaaaaaaay! Picked the havana style this time around. Lower ceilings and smaller rooms than I prefer but less space to fill (still was left with only 10 prims bleh, have a boat rezzed out though). I was able to add a beach hangout to it which makes me feel like I'm back in a private estate but with the bonus of having a large community and boating/sailing areas to explore! Bonus, I saw a party happening yesterday at the house across the water from me and lots of boats passi
  9. I want to live here! sl, rl, both! lol. Right now I have a houseboat but if I could get lucky, I'd let that go for a spot here! *squeals*
  10. I was surprised to find they had ceiling fans and chandeliers that were free in most of their store displays, just have to click on everything to find them. I agree about the no copy thing, but as long as the store is up I guess we get to keep coming back and get as many copies as we want. I stocked up a bit on those slats hehehe.
  11. Thank you 🥰 I love those slats, they're very handy for creating space, blending uneven walls, and framing focus points in a room without making it feel cramped or obstructing your view of other areas. They're a one prim/no copy freebie from prim possible http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/1 Prim/101/120/111. The stairs is from ZOMBIE Xstar, Xstar store on the mp.
  12. Its funny that you said that because I kept thinking to myself that I use the same items in my designs over and over. 😄 Pretty much lifted the entire living room set & foyer items from the stilt house I did prior to this and used the same bed, side tables, and lamp for the bedroom. The other stuff come from rawage, dutchie, fancy decor, loft & aria, architect, prim possible, mudhoney, rebourne, bensen, ariskea, hive, and Chic Aeon's very handy 8 prim kitchen which I also started using at the previous home. The decorative surfboard is from what next and the rug is from candydoll. I
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