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  1. My guess... They made a deal with Sony or Microsoft to bring SL to PS4 or X-Box One and will be releasing SL 2.0 for PC and console... with no Adult or Skill regions and a more realistic graphics engine. SL 1.0 will continue to exist (on PC only) for Adult and Skill regions, and the mainland will be slowly transferred to 2.0 and removed from 1.0.
  2. I don't know if this will help you or not, but it may help someone. I recently thought I had lost two objects. One was a boat and the other was a robot companion. I had typed everything I could think of in the inventory search bar and never saw them and I was convinced they had poofed. But since I had bought them both from the marketplace, I went there and looked through all my past purchases. Found both of them and what they were actually called. Went back to my inventory and typed their actual names and found them. Like I said, this might not help you in your situation, but it's w
  3. Keswick and Coniston both have houses that can be rented by the week. Really nice location with a sea port nearby, a friendly community and many shops. Just let Rey, the lady who runs them, know you'll only be staying a week and I'm sure she'll understand. And it would be nice to communicate with her so she wouldn't think there was anything wrong with your stay.
  4. I don't know if this is much help... but they look a lot like these.
  5. Continuing our journey through Caledon... Part Two: Tanglewood Forest. At first glance, Tanglewood Forest seems smaller than Kittiwickshire, but that's because the railway is a straight line through the area. This spot is very scenic, with many trees (of course, it being a forest and all...) and several fascinating houses to admire as you go by.  The house above is probably my favorite one here in Tanglewood Forest and it's right along the train track, so you really can't miss it. Off to the left of the tracks, you'll notice a rock pathway. That's where the meat of Tanglwood
  6. A trip thru Caledon. Part One: Kittiwickshire. Home to countless shops and activities, Caledon is a rather large Victorian steampunk themed area, and we'll be beginning our journey at the Northwest corner. Starting location: Train depot in Northwest Kittiwickshire.  It's recommended to follow the rail by foot, to fully appreciate the experience of Caledon, however trains do depart once an hour. A map of the rail system is here, and can be used to keep yourself from getting lost or as a guide for your own travels. Kittiwickshire is a seaside village themed area of Caledon, founded in 200
  7. I apologize, as I wasn't really paying attention to the 'reply to xxxx' line, and was reading it more or less one long discussion. I'll update my previous post.
  8. Lol. I remember a couple years ago seeing a place in the 'hot spots' that was an event that had ended a week or so earlier and was no longer accessible.
  9. I think the more helpful way to do it would be to (if you don't automatically know the answer, yourself, and still will go through the trouble to find the answer on your own...) give the OP the answers he/she is seeking and tell them how/where you found the info. That way, you open up their mind to searching the web for the info and help them with their question.
  10. ~*Buglets*~ 1. Treehouse RARE 16 prims ~*Buglets*~ 2. Treehouse Sandbox 4 prims ~*Buglets*~ 3. Treehouse Pool Chair [Pink] 2prims ~*Buglets*~ 4. Treehouse Pool Chair [blue] 2 prims ~*Buglets*~ 5. Treehouse Bookshelf 4 prims ~*Buglets*~ 6. Treehouse Towel Rack 3 prims ~*Buglets*~ 7. Treehouse Pool 3 prims ~*Buglets*~ 8. Treehouse Stump Chair 2 prims ~*Buglets*~ 9. Treehouse Swing 2 prims ~*Buglets*~ 10. Treehouse Rug 1 prim ~*Buglets*~ 11. Treehouse Picnic Blanket 3prims ~*Buglets*~ 12. Treehouse Floatie [Red] 2prims ~*Buglets*~ 13. Treehouse Floatie [Purple] 2prims ~*Buglets*~ 14
  11. Thank you. In my defense, seeing that it was the OP's first ever post here... and they had sincere questions that they were looking for answers for, I tried (tongue-in-cheek) to both prepare them for the onslaught of posts that they were bound to get simply because of the 'game' references and to deter the thread from heading into that direction, which would have undermined the whole purpose of their original post, much against the OP's intentions, I'm sure. I was basically nipping it in the bud by bringing it to attention and then dismissing it as I went into the real concerns of the OP.
  12. First... *hushed whisper* I'd be cautious about referring to SL as a 'game'. I'm surprised no one has berated you for that, yet. Which would be unfortunate because it would call attention away from the true question you are asking. Now... in addition to Nalytha's excellent post above, I offer this... With the current rate of attrition, it does look a bit bleak... on the surface. If you're not interested in adult-themed sims or skill-region sims (or just simply locked out due to your real life location), it may appear that there really may not be much for you to do. But Second Life is wh
  13. I also vote for ban lines to be moved closer to land to allow for more public ocean. Or make them appear as gaudy physical borders... perhaps a gilded pink 50 foot tall wall? ;-)
  14. I'll have to check these out... I finally opened my copy of 'Acquiring Gentleman’s Victorian, and Inspired Attire' that I picked up at a nice steampunkish community... only to find that all the links were to blogs that either no longer existed or hadn't been updated in four years. And the two slurls included were to places that no longer exist. At least it makes a good coffee table book. ;-)
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