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  1. The listings were delisted by the system/Linden, and so I cannot link to them. All that was sent to my email was: " The item has been unlisted due to Spam or Disallowed Listing PracticesThank you for using the Second Life MarketplaceThis is a service email related to your use of the Second Life Marketplace. In accordance with our Privacy Policy, you may periodically receive service emails even if you have elected not to receive direct marketing emails. To learn more about Linden Lab’s use of personal information, please read our Privacy Policy (http://www.lindenlab.com/privacy)." Thi
  2. A friend left me an offline that their gachas from the same event have been flagged. Someone is going around and spamming the flag to eliminate competition. They have been getting away with it for almost three weeks. They say they didn't even use keywords.. I've had 3 people tell me the same so far.. It isn't always for the same item, but all items came from the same gacha event.
  3. This is all just your opinion and not fact. You can use your keywords as you see fit, but if LL wanted people only using a small pool of keywords, they would only let us pick from a predefined list (like categories). I'm not going too keep arguing with your opinion. I came here looking for real answers, and Dakota Linden helped.
  4. Well, it is an avatar mod/furry mod. That's what we call them in-game. Maybe you just aren't aware. Do you not look up words such as "cute", "handsome", etc. when trying to narrow down your searches on MP? They aren't irrelevant to the item, it isn't like I listed anything those may not be used for. If LL doesn't want us using keywords to help customers narrow down their search, then why is there a 200 character limit for Keywords? I think it's extremely important to add relevant keywords so customers can find your product. Especially if you are dealing with something such as ap
  5. Then wouldn't the reason given been for incorrect keywords/tags?
  6. So, I have had some gacha items flagged by a user, or users, and taken down. The reason I am given is "The item has been unlisted due to Spam or Disallowed Listing Practices" Ok so, my items were listed, and stated it was a Gacha item. It was not spam, because I only had 1 listed of that type, and no duplicates of that same type/color. I am not sure what is "disallowed", since that is completely vague and there was no comment from the Linden that OK'd removing my items. Obviously a competitor is flagging these gacha items, because it's been the same gacha item, and I've had friends t
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