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  1. The listings were delisted by the system/Linden, and so I cannot link to them. All that was sent to my email was: " The item has been unlisted due to Spam or Disallowed Listing PracticesThank you for using the Second Life MarketplaceThis is a service email related to your use of the Second Life Marketplace. In accordance with our Privacy Policy, you may periodically receive service emails even if you have elected not to receive direct marketing emails. To learn more about Linden Lab’s use of personal information, please read our Privacy Policy (http://www.lindenlab.com/privacy)." This is just my case, my friends reported they did not have keywords and had other reasons their items were being delisted/flagged. It would have been great if there was a useful comment included in my email of exactly what it was, because as it has been noted - it covers a great number of things and is therefore vague and unhelpful. Also I believe people may be getting confused thinking my eyes are the item there is a problem with. The item there was an issue with is no longer listed on MP due to it being taken down.
  2. A friend left me an offline that their gachas from the same event have been flagged. Someone is going around and spamming the flag to eliminate competition. They have been getting away with it for almost three weeks. They say they didn't even use keywords.. I've had 3 people tell me the same so far.. It isn't always for the same item, but all items came from the same gacha event.
  3. This is all just your opinion and not fact. You can use your keywords as you see fit, but if LL wanted people only using a small pool of keywords, they would only let us pick from a predefined list (like categories). I'm not going too keep arguing with your opinion. I came here looking for real answers, and Dakota Linden helped.
  4. Well, it is an avatar mod/furry mod. That's what we call them in-game. Maybe you just aren't aware. Do you not look up words such as "cute", "handsome", etc. when trying to narrow down your searches on MP? They aren't irrelevant to the item, it isn't like I listed anything those may not be used for. If LL doesn't want us using keywords to help customers narrow down their search, then why is there a 200 character limit for Keywords? I think it's extremely important to add relevant keywords so customers can find your product. Especially if you are dealing with something such as apparel items, which have thousands of results. I think this is another reason it is very important to give people the chance to clarify why they listed something, if it is indeed a violation, and/or be given exact reason what was wrong so they can correct it and list the item appropriately again. That is an old item I've had on MP a while. I could probably clean it up, but I have no reason to. People find it and buy it, it's never been flagged. I've never had anything flagged, except these darn gacha items. As I said, a couple friends have also mentioned having their recent gachas from a particular gacha fair flagged, and while I do not know the keywords they used - it is extremely suspicious. Edit: Also how does a user see a list of keywords on an item listing?? I'm not seeing that anywhere.
  5. Then wouldn't the reason given been for incorrect keywords/tags?
  6. So, I have had some gacha items flagged by a user, or users, and taken down. The reason I am given is "The item has been unlisted due to Spam or Disallowed Listing Practices" Ok so, my items were listed, and stated it was a Gacha item. It was not spam, because I only had 1 listed of that type, and no duplicates of that same type/color. I am not sure what is "disallowed", since that is completely vague and there was no comment from the Linden that OK'd removing my items. Obviously a competitor is flagging these gacha items, because it's been the same gacha item, and I've had friends tell me they've had their items flagged, too. I don't want to keep re-listing my item just to be flagged again, in fear eventually it's going to result in a ban or something. The other issue is that the Lindens aren't doing their job properly reviewing these flags. I read in another post that Lindens actually review the flags before removing a listing from MP.. so this is extremely shady. If a Linden is going to review something to remove it, there should be an actual comment from the Linden explaining exactly why the decision was made, and a way to dispute it when it is a false flagging. Not an automated message that leaves the person 90% of the time still wondering why it happened - especially in the case when the merchant was doing nothing wrong or shady to begin with. I have never spammed the Marketplace with gacha items. If I have the same color/style of item, I always add it to the appropriate inventory of that item listing. Also, these people flagging need to be punished. They are the ones up to shady business techniques! SADLY we merchants do not get the name of the people who are flagging our items to even be able to report them. Please get your stuff together, LL - this kind of thing shouldn't be happening to legitimate merchants and resellers who are following rules!
  7. I am highly interested in joining a few groups and bookmarking a few fashion blogs that will keep me udpdated on the most popular fashions in SL. I am also highly interested in the ones for MEN. I have tons of guy friends in the game and it is so hard to find them good finds for a new player without them having to dump a lot of cash in the game! I currently only know of Fabfree and Freestyle blogs.
  8. More input please on this matter - did it get moved to another options window or removed?
  9. I know about the WASD, but the option about the using ENTER to open/close chat seems to be gone now, or hidden.
  10. Hi there, I stopped playing SL for a bit back in early November... and I was using v2 then. I noticed v2 is now v2.5.1, so obviously some changes have been made, and not all are apparent to me. My biggest question is: What happened to the option "Enter opens/closes chat"? I think it used to be under General or Chat options.. but I can't find it, and I really miss it cause I use WASD to move. Also, could someone give me a link where I can find the patch notes/version update history so I can see what all has changed since last I played with v2? I would be most thankful.
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