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  1. Haha, indeed. I was more venting than anything. Don't expect LL has changed much in that regard. And yeah, hud and mini-maps and all that but I have a real boat and I can drive it where ever it's wet. Just bugs me that I get stuck in some jokers nonsensical notion of privavcy in a virtual land for no reason. I can drive on your front lawn too IRL if I am so inclined. Ban lines are the dumbest thing in SL afaic and they just wreck the place. Sad to see they still exist. On a happy note, this whole mesh thing is very cool
  2. Hi SL, been a while. So, just kinda thinkin out loud here but why the hell to these ban lines around property still exist? They solve nothing but to make SL harder to navigate. Who give a flying F if someone sits on your prim? I mean really! Are you that strung out? So maybe you are there and maybe some griefer shows up and then you TP them into nowhere with a security orb, cool. But why the hell can't I navigate the waterways without running into your stupid ban line? You are an idiot and I want to hate you so hard. I'm just trying to drive my boat around. I don't give a crap about your super sex bed or funky couch sits. I just wanna cruise around. But there you are with your paranoid, 'i-am-an-idiot' ban lines and my boat stops and I have to get up and it de-rezzes and my trip is toast. I hate you!! LL, make this go away ffs. It is so stupid it is beyond beilief. Anyway, Hi anyone that remembers me. I'm back :)
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