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  1. Short and sweet, I'm seeking companionship of any kind in SL- friendship will be offered RL too if things workout in world. Some quick facts: SLT+3 Bisexual/Poly/Open If this matters. Taken RL I use discord Id prefer if youd be able to type coherent English sentences. Whips and chains excite me.. I'm a bratty submissive have fun with that. I *****ing hate coleslaw. Non negotiable. I have a crazy sense of humor. 420 blaze it. I love everything cute and everything in the color black. I have several friends that I try to ma
  2. Not necessarily looking for anything romantic (though wouldn't be objected) Just looking for fun people to adventure with! ] I like to take photos and explore random sims. I will admit I can come off as shy at first, but I'm not against meeting someone new! Check out my flickr if youd like to see what I look like... For whatever reason
  3. In response to this topic, what is this long hair because i am LIVING for it...
  4. well; if you dont have a mesh body i know some wonderful places to get reasonable priced and quality skins.. The Skin Shop 7 Deadly Skins WoW Skins Panda Punx Mother Goose has numerous letter-boards and a variety of skins Corvus You probably wont find this exact skin; that appears to be a mesh body; and you may have to also add some nice makeup to get the facial look you desire. Finding brows are as simple as going onto marketplace and searching "Brows" Im not exactly sure if the brows pictures come with the skin or if they are an overlay.
  5. You most likely will have to do a google search online to find some good blogs that can direct you places Heres one I use occasionally https://fabfree.wordpress.com/tag/maitreya/
  6. Im looking for something along the lines of this: http://wheretoget.it/look/2126692
  7. I just love to take photos. Im nowhere near as "talented" as most SL photographers, however I can provide quality and quantity for cheap. My rates are as follows: 1 Photo: 30 L$ 2 Photos: 50L$ 3 Photos: 80L$ 4 Photos: 100L$ 5 Photos: 120 L$ I honestly just love taking photos of people; all photos are taken at your choice of location. Here's my flickr for reference. I just made it recently, So Ill be adding more photos daily. I honestly just really enjoy taking photos ( I reserve the right to Refuse service for anyone, especially if your
  8. I recently got back from a partial break of about 6 months (I was on and off periodically, but mostly off). With this being said, most of the people I had connected with are missing; either unfriended or just don't come online. I would really enjoy meeting some new people to connect with, male or female! I am a really shy person at first; and it has became quite the struggle to socialize outside of hosting or dancing in SL. I would like to find people I can explore with and expirence new things with. Personality doesn't matter to me, nor does age, as long as you are someone who comes off as
  9. Try Spellbound! They have some amazing hairs, as well as Little Bones
  10. Hello! I do not know of any specific hairs, however is you try Spellbound, Littlebones, or Soonsiki they may have what you're looking for !
  11. I do understand where you're coming from, but if you do look at it, someone (lets say 50), most likely wont have the same taste as someone whose 20, or possibly even 30. However, everyone does things differently I suppose <3
  12. My name is Rosa ~Apologies for any mispellings, or missing 'h' letters, my keyboard is a wee bit broken♥~ Im looking for a male to start out as friends, someone I can go dancing with and gradually get to know better. I don't ask for much, but Id rather not have someone whom is less than 30 days old, (Alts count). Yes I know I've posted before but I believe I need to put more out there, personality and likes/dislikes wise. Im more of a laidback, sweet and shy person, however I do come out of my shell fairly easy. I tend to be quiet, and don't really pay attention to local chats. I am a woma
  13. Hello! My Aunt Just bought me a paypal, and Im currently looking for some help resolving an issue. :smileyfrustrated: (I am 20, mind you, I know this isn't of importance, but it dissolves any smartbutts asking my age.) I go to set it on my account, and im working on buying 1000 L However, it asks me to verify my credit card Info, and I personally thought the whole reason for using a paypal was so i didnt have to provide my credit card info. She doesnt want to provide hers. And I'm honestly in no position to provide mine. For reasons I do not wish to discuss. I was wondering if there
  14. Hello My Name is Rosa (Or rosabelle) I am a 20 year old female, Currently Unemployed. I'm Looking for a job, I can do almost anything and do not restrict myself. I Currently Do not have a job, But this may change at any moment, for I am searching. I Do not work Sundays, unless it is very important. My Times for weekdays are 2PM-8PM and on Saturdays, 2PM- 10Pm I am in SLT+3 (Eastern time) or UTC GMT + 5 Heres a quick overview of things, (Dont have to read, can skip to the purple Part) →Photographer →Model →Hostess →Freelance Dancer →Decorator →Builders assistant →Security →Wedding Planer For p
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