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  1. Looking for a certain hair style that is mesh or rigged mesh as long as it's not connected to the body. Hair I am looking for is with thick curls in the back as in this photo,  and with the front with blunt style bangs. Simular to this picture.  I would like it in white and black if possible. I will also be willing to pay up to 1000 L$. Thanks for you time message me on here or in game Yume 雪萌 (six.juriya).
  2. Seeking someone who is good with mesh and good quality,commition four special kimonos. I am starting a oiran Yukaku(brothel) and I need certain design for my kimonos. They are of a pheonix design. Black red and orange are the colors too. I need kimonos for three ranks, one is oiran's normal kimono. Second one is Oiran's parade kimono.This obi or bow is folded more formal and is for parades. Third one is Kimono for a shinzo. Its like a oiran's normal kimono, but the obi or bow is less fancy. Forth one is for the last and lowes rank. I looks the same as normal kimonos with obi or bow in the back. If anyone willing to commition these, and set a price for them, I would appriciate it. Arigato. Six
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