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  1. i would also say that you're wearing an white shirt and pants layer, because for an bom headskin, it wouldnt be shown complete on the neck. it would stop where the body and the head are joined. and as far as i can see on the screenshots, your hands also show normal edit: okay. i was typing to slow 😃
  2. @GinnySnaps what kind of projects? maybe i am interested in one of the jobs
  3. When are the opening times at that club? Everytime i visit it, its empty
  4. soweit mir bekannt ist, kann man objekte, die bezahlbar sein sollen (wie tipjars), nicht tragen einzige möglichkeit sind dann nur loating tipjars, die einem folgen. benötigt werden dann allerdings rezzrechte auf dem jeweiligen land
  5. do i also need to voice verify when i only do emotes?
  6. It's a bit odd that it's not allowed. When Bitcoin Mining came up, i liked the Mining for Linden App. But well. Now you can sell then for USD and then buy L$. Just takes a bit of time.
  7. sheeesh .... accidently repostet this? i see that you posted 4 times within 24 hours, that you're looking for an job
  8. what is the problem with the tattoo? just wear the bom layer and it should show on your body. when not another layer is maybe covering it.
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