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  1. I think your just shrilling with this thread for RLC. Really this is SL who cares how they limit nudity to paying customers on some sex game? Nudity in SL is so much more than sex, and proposing that somehow we force anyone not currently (so to heck with the thousands of players that had memberships and might again) rocking a membership to have to go back to the old default system avi's with under-ware printed on their skin (as almost all mesh bodies are nudes), then remove the right to change skin or own mesh bodies to members only... would only mean that you could probably be the one to turn the lights out after everyone has migrated to another grid. However since I believe your just advertising for RLC that's probably what you want to see happen.
  2. I've done everything I can think off. Cleaned the caches (inculding manually from windows), done clean instals, still I cannot post to my profile feed. Yet I can log in on either of my two other computers and it posts pics to my profile just fine. Firewalls etc. not the issue all three computers are the same software and settings. How can I fix this?
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