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  1. So I am really interested (read slightly obsessed) with getting a house on a hill over looking the water. Like the ones on the edges of Ketran, Venber and Leera https://gyazo.com/ef42788d84a83639a34abaeeafe66940https://gyazo.com/ef42788d84a83639a34abaeeafe66940 Have any of you seen more areas being built like this? I've looked around but figuring more eyes may have more info. Thank you!
  2. Well kinda, they release from 7am -4pm SLT MON, WED, and FRI. although sometimes on TUES and THURS too. However folks are abandoning properties around the clock. For instance 2 traditional just went by this past 1/2 hour. (Around midnight SLT time) I too gave up my houseboat, it was nice, in a great spot, but didn't feel like home to me. I take it you want a trailer?
  3. The person next door to my daughter has built a 3 story add on to the Winchester. Just glad its not in front of her! I'm waiting to see how far they can make 351 prims stretch.
  4. I am just going to sit this right here.....
  5. I caught one this morning. And it let me get there.
  6. I've done that before too when I was trying to get a house when I was half sleep. LOL Go to it and like what, why am I here?!?!? LOL This was different though. Very. And the fact I couldn't even get on that sim at all till the next morning. Just really, really weird. And disappointing at the same dang time. Just odd.
  7. I wasn't even sure whom to talk to. Like the house was claimed the next day. As my alt stood inside it trying to open the doors and being told the doors were locked roflllllllllllllllll well dang
  8. Chic, kinda the same. I couldn't go back because they were all gone by the morning, secondary to it being an abandon. Wasn't during SL office hours.
  9. yes, I don't want to share the URL because as I said it belongs to someone now. When I looked at the sim, there was one green dot. So I tried to convince myself it was a Linden / Mole working in fixing the sim. It was so odd. Like I had never seen it before or seen anyone here mention it so I thought I'd ask. But the page had my alts name, the details, , my crazy typed parcel name and gave me the URL to go to. And I literally couldn't tp to the entire sim. Like no where on it. I got on the sims across from it, but every time I tried to cross into the sim where it said I had a home, it was like there was a bubble around it and I couldn't get in
  10. Has this happen to anyone else? The other night my alt caught a house. I tried to tp to it and it said I couldn't tp there. And the parcel wasn't available. I waited a little while and I still couldn't tp there. Tried this name and no , it couldnt go there either. I left the claim your house page up and went to bed. When I woke up, it allowed me to tp there and the house was in someone elses name. Like what the heck was all of that! I so can't figure out what that was all about. Has anyone else had that issue?
  11. Armani, Don't give up. Almost every day, release day or otherwise I see house/s or boat/s pop up Folks are abandoning on a regular basis You will get one. What time zone or country are you in?
  12. Indeed it is! Someone abandoned it and I love it! Just gorgeous
  13. Yes hers was right on the edge. Must have been the one
  14. My daughter just released one from the sim that came out todayRabelias. . Good luck everyone looking for one.
  15. Sitting in front of Teagars house, Lindens in hand, making grabby hands!
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