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  1. I'm curious. How do you know what size your boat slip is?
  2. Pretending I live here on Santa Louisa..... lol So stinking beautiful! I'm scouting. The moles are doing a wonderful job! Kudos to them I have neither the patience nor the talent. I know how frustrating it is to wait. Trust me I do. Think of how AMAZING your new home will be!!!
  3. Me trying to feed the Bellisseria kitty....
  4. I tried having the name in first and it did not work. I had to wait and type in 5 random letters fast as lightening and then claim it, and it worked. Don't give up hope I got one by auto refreshing. It might take a few days but you can do it too!
  5. Take your time. Part of the fun for me is picking and changing things along the way so I get it just like I want it.
  6. Thank you! That explains a lot. I always wondered about why some things were easily viewed and others you basically had to be on top of.
  7. Thank you for all the replies. I was having a conversation with some friends that sparked this initial question. I too tend to lean towards the 50 ish mark. My friend though was gifted an add on that was like 1/2 of the allotted prims and was struggling to fill the space with furniture with the allotted prims left. I thought that was a lot but wanted to see what others were thinking as well. We had a varied amount between us (the group I was talking to) I have add ons on my house that increase its usability in my opinion and are cute, I've seen some others that I liked but they were so prim heavy they didn't seem to be not worth the addition.. I saw in some o fthe replies LOD and to be concerned about that? What is that? And how would you know what the LOD is prior to buying it? Thanks!
  8. I have a question. For those of you that use additions/modifications you purchase from a creator, how many prims are you willing to utilize (out of the 351 allotted) for structural changes to your new home? What would you consider reasonable? I am curious. Thanks!
  9. Hey Neighbor, So cute! I too love the walls. Oddly with the walls it feels more spacious. You did awesome! I just moved to Menagerie.
  10. Did you see this post from Quatz Mole? Quartz Mole said, If resetting the mailbox/life preserver as explained by Alyona Su and Shamu077 doesn't fix things and bring back the menu, please drop me a slurl either by IM or a private message here and I'll take a look. But please try the script reset first.
  11. Im using the Adams house, I'm not a photographer so bear with me.
  12. yeahhhhhhhhh Ivory! I know that feeling. Enjoy your place.
  13. My bad. Not sharing to influence, if I were I would have used the entire name.. I was just sharing my opinion. As you can see I'm a newbie to the forums so I'll make future reference of this. This is literally like only the 2nd or 3rd time I've shared on here. Do not scare me back into my shell! Have a good rest day @ all of you.
  14. As have I. And I'm loving it! I went with the Adams home since almost all around me were Winchesters. With Blushed add-on's its more than livable and way stinking cute! When I get done done I'm going to take pics and post them on here to share. TY all for sharing, creating and having open houses. Gets the creative genes going!
  15. OMG, I gotta house! My fingers are rejoicing! Thank all you lovely people. Nataliaa
  16. As I sit here with my fingers supported by tape from all the clicking I did. Congrats to everyone that got a new home! I'm no quitter though, I'm going to rest my fingers up until the round. I refuse to give up! LOL
  17. How do you see the SSPs? Curious.....ty
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