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  1. i'm having samme issue i cant go to mp through browser and viewer anyone know why? been having this problem since few days ago
  2. hmm make a new life, new name to your new store, and ask all your friends to make new alts too,,,
  3. of all the replys Lexbot Sinister is the only one who answered stop fighting
  4. its good to knw that when i visit a place it will be downloaded on my computer so it loads faster but i wont be able to upload it and say i created that place :smileyhappy:
  5. i saw a giant furry but i want to be a giant tooooo
  6. im also looking for friends like you but cant find them
  7. Lyle <3 i just love the vamps and if it wasnt for you sl would be boring, just building, shopping,, camping,,, there are lots types of grieffers that spam even more alot more than vamps, but since theres no one else to blame them guess whooooooo
  8. i made an invisible prim covering my avatar so no one pushed me but it didnt work either.. people walked passed by :smileysad:
  9. the new grieffing object i was given twice was boobies with name 'gold chain' when i rezzed it i quickly deleted it because other people might think i made those but the idea obviously was that the noob (me) wear it w/out rezzin 1st.... noooooooooooob
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