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  1. I joined SL back when they were giving out parcels of land for free to anyone who joined. Back then, I and two of my friends combined our land gifts into a single land parcel, and built a large house on it. I created a group for the parcel, and added all my friends to it. Over time, I noticed that my ownership of this parcel (my friends had given their parcels to me) wasn't really showing up properly. I could build and set access options and such there, but my account showed I owned no land, and was unable to sell the property that clearly belonged to me and the group I had made. I was also sometimes told I couldn't build there, even when I had ample prim space. Recently, I had all my items returned to me. The house I had built, all the things I had placed inside the house were returned... and yet the land is still deeded to me and my group! The plot is still clear and open, according to people who go there. Just all my things were returned by... something. I have no idea how this is happening, or what to do about it, and since my account isn't a premium one, I can't directly ask anyone for help with the issue. The people whose land was combined with my own have long since stopped playing SL. Can anyone explain what is going on, and if there is some way to get in touch with Linden Labs to get this fixed... or whatever it is that needs to be done so can either have my land back and build on it safely once more, or know for sure I don't own the land and have the control of it removed and the group ownership revoked? That house held a lot of good memories of SL, and I've been upset for a while about not being able to go there anymore. Any idea what to do?
  2. But right now NONE of the contributions to the plot are showing. Why would that be the case?
  3. @ Deltango Vale Are the problems I'm speaking of some of the ones that have been occuring? I just want to be sure it's not some change that LL put into effect causing the problem. I would hate to have the land I've owned since I started and the house I built for friends both suddenly be reclaimed without warning by LL; that place has a lot of history and a lot of good memories associated with it. People are still at least *trying* to use it, even now.
  4. @ Jessica Rang Herein lies the problem. When I started, I was given 512 sq. meters of land. It was combined with two other 512 sq. meter plots into a single larger plot. When I look under "My Land...", the system is telling me I HAVE no land at all, not even the original 512 sq. meters. I am seeing now that one of the people who contributed to that has quit the game, but that should have only reduced the plot size, not put it to zero.
  5. What happened was this. Back when I started myself and two others combined our gift land parcels into a single parcel. Though one person does appear to have quit from SL, that should only have removed some of the land, not ALL of it. Even when that person was online, I was the one given ownership of the group and land, so since I'm still here...
  6. At the moment, I am the group owner. I can set the abilities of other group members, but for some reason no build, no scripts and no push are on and STAY on, no matter what I do. As of this moment, there have been no changes to roles or abilities that I have not made myself.
  7. I joined SL back when they were giving out free plots of land with full rights to everyone when they joined. I and some friends merged our plots into a single one we all used together. Recently, with no obvious warning, I have been having trouble with a lot of the control I had on this plot. I am unable to turn off the "no build", "no scripts" and "no pushing" features on the parcel, and people in the group the land was deeded to seem to all have lost their ability to build there, despite the settings. Under the "Land and L$" tab I have for my group, it says the total land available is "-2048 sq. meters"... which doesn't seem possible, or to make any sense. Apparently something in the way land is controlled or distributed has changed without my notcing it. Can someone explain exactly what I'm supposed to do to regain control of the land I was given freely, or if I've just had someone give me land, then take it back just because there's nothing I can do about it?
  8. I have been in SL for a long time now. I joined way back when SL was giving out those free 512x2 parcels to everyone who became a part of it. I and several other people then merged our free parcels into a 2048 sq ft. property that we all shared. Today, I was made aware of the fact that the land that the group owns... doesn't actually belong to us. Or doesn't seem to. I am unable to set the options for the land, despite owning it for all this time; they just revert to no one having any rights on the property. Even though all my objects are still there and I have some limited control over the property, by all appearances it's no longer mine, or in someone else's control. The property that I was given appears to have been taken back, without notification, in some odd manner that both leaves me as owner of it... and doesn't. And without evicting me from it, or charging me in any way to keep it. (Which it shouldn't anyway, since it was given to me as a free gift.) Does anyone know what's going on with this, and how it can be remedied? Did LL just reclaim all the "gifts" they gave out without warning, or did I *miss* said warning? Will I have to start paying tier on the "free" property I was given now in order to keep it? Why is there no communication as to there being any sort of problem with my owning the property, and yet no control over said property belonging to me? And if the land was given by LL, and donated to the group... why doesn't it show that I even HAVE land to give or donate anymore?
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