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  1. Hey all... And yes, in that aspect too, SL really is a LIFE in its own right. Basically, ignore and move on, I guess. I was really upset by the tone used...but, I have to stop letting rude people ge to me, I suppose Thanks all Melissa xxx
  2. hi all, So, this week, I sadly had a run in with some kids using weapons in a sandbox...after I asked them to not shoot at me...(did not know they could hear so I shouted, perhaps that was a trigger) I got lectured about how "my type of people were the ones that ruiened SL and..", well, that kinda speech. So, I muted them... Now, I'm curious about this. If I mute them, the avis become invisible, great, but, is all interaction stopped? What if I'm at the same place? can they "perceive" me? could I build in the sandbox as if in a parrallel universe? or would they see/notice my stuff? thanks Melissa xxx PS - I hate not getting along with people...
  3. Ow, nice to know. In the (well...) older days, a second thing had to be installed, I assume it's all included now Thanks Melissa xxx
  4. ummmm, no option to log in ? Your viewer is "kaputt"... Might I suggest the Singularity? Or the Catznip... Dang, if you'd run Linux, you could start it from the console and see the debug output...that'd help some... Have you ever been able to run SL on that box? Melissa xxx
  5. Java is NOT the issue... The viewer is a separate program... Granted, Firestorm is a matodont...I rarely use it...can you at all log in by the way...more silly yarn from me I know... Melissa xxx
  6. Actually, there are two factors at work here: the time of the question and the abilities in place already. If there in NO need yet to unpack a purchase, dont go there...if someone bought something and seems to "wear" a box (happened to me too often at first) ... THEN it's a nice moment to teach the unpacking. Abilities, a different ball o' yarn. If the concept of drag-n-drop id foreign, try to explain draggin on to a rezzer and unpacking...mission NEARLY umpossible... Paience and friendship, the only two tubes of "soopagloo" you'll ever need... Besides, a lot of people learn by doing...and THEN asking a question (timing, again) when they hit a bump SL is overwhelming to say the least...that alone could "plug the plumbing" so to speak Melissa xxx
  7. Hi Maybe a sily question...ever tried with an alternative viewer? I have found that, when a network connection fails, the intro screen on the viewer does not show up, that is the screen (on Singularity) where the suggestions and such go. De viewer could use different internet ports, and it is (remotely) possible that a post has closed...I'd go venture in that direction... So in short, download an other viewer (Singularity, Firestorm) and try with them, still the same? Check if a port is open...use this command nmap -p 80 example.com In this example you check if port 80 on example.com is open/available. If not, either the port is shut on the server (not likely) or the provider slammed the port shut (likely but not that likely) or there is local software closing the port (pretty likely in case of security stuff) Best of luck Melissa xxx (Lady Keeper of the network at my work)
  8. Hi All, Yay! I have ordered a new PC yesterday :) good for me!!! Now, of course, I'd like to continue my whacky adventures in SL, so I need a viewer, an RLV enabled one to be precise. I use Singularity and (occasionally) Firestorm. And I remember that the install took several subinstalls, namely the viewer and the RLV erestraint or so, then, you had to enable that and off you went... The downloads of the erestraint are...gone, I can dig into my archives as I'm sure I still have them...somewhere...but they MAY rank as "archeological artefacts" :) How do I go about a new install of an RLV enabled viewer? Thanks Melissa xxx
  9. Indeed, My "back-of-the-head" thought too, if there is no RL arangement, the sim is bound to dissappear. I'd like to make a note to place this whole in context. I hope NOT to have rubbed any fur the wrong way, if so, I apologise beforehand. Miss Lucie was what is known as a Domme, with her passing, a handfull subbies are now left behind alone. In this culture, a D/s relation is a balance between giving and receiving (as with all relationships) - the actual question I think is not realy the Sim, but more the fact that the ones left behind are lost (a bit more than others) with this... In simple terms, the one depends on the other, and that dependency is stronger on the sub side than on the Dom side...basically...kids that lost their mom... Again, sorry if I have upset some reader as this is not realy PG stuff, it was only my intention to illustrate the human mechanisms here Kisses to all... Mell xxx
  10. thanks for this...and yes, the further proof is the challenge...save from a real life pic on her profile, we have nothing to go on... Of course, a mere "claim" will not transfer the rights...we can only hope...or...transfer the whole thing to a new sim...kinda...move on... She died on cancer I heared...a foe that has no mercy... Mell xxx
  11. hi all, Recently, a dear friend and owner of a Sim passed away...Miss Lucie was a dear friend and now leaves a whole family behind. Though the tier may not be the obstacle, the ownership is. With her passing, the sim may dissappear. What are our options? A petition was set up, if Linden wants to accept this plea, it'd be great. Proof of her passing may never be possible...anonimity being the main thread here... I figured, as long as the rent gets paid for, the sim could continue... I'm somewhar devastated, so any kind words are welcome Mell xxx
  12. Maybe an idea for next year....yourself...wrapped up Mell xxx
  13. LOL, they'd be very poor off where I live...you can actually blackmail someone for keeping his pants ON...hehe This is SL....I cannot overstate this. The sofa in my home would need cleaning (or perhaps burning in some parts of the world) if it were in RL...that's the amount of action that thing saw, and then I'm only on about the sofa...there is the kitchen counter (cleaned every time of course), the bed, several baskets, the hottub... Pay up? Only IF and when they show the pics hehe.... Your weapon? Honesty, kudos for you...and your partner, THAT is your strength...by the way, shame of the two Lindens you did pay...never...evvvahhh...pay anything...you have NOTHING to hide... Mell... xxx
  14. Ow I will stay, I have built a life here now A life that INCLUDES friends...wow...as mentioned...for life
  15. Umm, invisible as in...what? Like a Harry Potter cloak ( https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/INVISIBILITY-CLOAK-HUD/6447741 ) or, "nobody noticing you" kinda? SL is above all SOCIAL...so...why hide...
  16. SatsumaLee wrote: I loved the help I recived my first weeks here and am grateful these helpful people where kind to help for no charge. For me, it is a feeling of satisfaction to help...and to see someone bloom up THAT is more than any charge you can ask, besides, no charge should be asked for helping out anyway
  17. Celestiall Nightfire wrote: SweetLadyMell wrote: To all...that wander...alone... In awe... touching everything... hoping to be... touched... A haiku-like note... Ever seen those "new" people? Running around, clumsy bumping everyone, touching anything, no real AO. Ever wondered...are they alone? If you ever see one like that...at least right-click and select "send IM" and welcome them..."touch" them...make sure they do not feel alone....at least not on the "SL side" of the screen... Mell (I had an emotional day, sorry...) Ack! No, no....when I was a newbie exploring the grid, clicking on everything (I still click on everything!) the last thing I wanted was an IM popping in disturbing me. I loved gadding about, learning on my own, and strangers trying to interact with me, spooked my fun. Hmm, thanks for THAT angle...this clears up a lot...and yes, here is a spook-hug...hehe, so there I did not realise that walking alone had its benefits...
  18. Madelaine McMasters wrote: SweetLadyMell wrote: ...a gesture that starts an avalanche I want that gesture! ;-). Hehe, it's in your heart, THAT..is what defines us as humans
  19. ...a gesture that starts an avalanche of good things, for one, half of my friendslist are people that I "touched" that way, helped along (how to rez, unpack, get an AO move around...) in this paradise
  20. To all...that wander...alone... In awe... touching everything... hoping to be... touched... A haiku-like note... Ever seen those "new" people? Running around, clumsy bumping everyone, touching anything, no real AO. Ever wondered...are they alone? If you ever see one like that...at least right-click and select "send IM" and welcome them..."touch" them...make sure they do not feel alone....at least not on the "SL side" of the screen... Mell (I had an emotional day, sorry...)
  21. oh, hehe, okay then...well, I knew I'd not really die...but, as in some MMORPG's, I feared to lose some (non copy) stuff I wore at the time Melissa xxx
  22. Hi, A friend of mine asked - and I honestly wondered too - if you die in a sim where the little heart icon shows, do you lose your stuff you wear at the time? Do you lose everything? Do you get locked out of SL? What happens if you die in SL? One such a sim in Wisteria... Thanks for some clarity :) Mell xxx
  23. hi there Well, I for one can feel with you. For starters Pedo's are the exception and not the rule, though, fear has become the rule of late... Sticking to a PG rated sim and its rules should help. Being mature as well. After all, it's sometimes the ones that frequent the "Mature" sims that act...pretty IMmature at times... Perhaps a call for Maturity? If you (the matures) get a friendship request from a teen, be 1) thankfull for the honesty and 2) behave accordingly. Meet in PG sims, do PG stuff and (for the love of peanuts) behave and dress PG rated... Tip to the Sim hoppers amongst us: check the rating, dress accordingly and HOP... believe me, it'll rule out the nasty surprises... Celine, you are absolutely right...fear seems to take the upper hand...though...being a teen should be the coolest time of your life...indulge, because, it does not last take it from an old girl like me Kisses Mell xxx
  24. ...but...what? Hi all :) New laptop! Woohoo! And I installed Singularity and Firestorem, as well as the eRestraint. However, the viewers crash when I right click on certain objects. I had that before, and someone advised me to install an extra...and I forgot what that was... Anyone with the right answer? Thanks Mell xxxxxx
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