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  1. Ina, this is true, we both (and majority of us posting here) belong to that minority. Depopulation of mainland started when renting land became cheaper then owning a small parcel. Many people prefer to own instead of rent something. Later, creators started to move to Opensim, which was cheaper. And when Lindens stopped to set abandoned land for sale, less people looked for mainland. When I heard about Third Life (as some friends called the project that now is Sansar), I first said that it will be a monumental failure or if it will be a success, it will bring a slow death to SL. But how long will SL survive? I think the Lindens will not want to pull the switch off as long as there are residents paying some tier. I know someone who died, but his tier was paid in advance for two years... Also, there are many people like me and you that will not want to move away, as long as this world is not dead. So, for a few years, SL will survive. And how will SL look like in its last days? I think the Lindens, at some point, will turn off sims of abandoned land or sims that had no visitor for a few months. Our virtual world will probably look like this part of Sharp Continent (the former TSL grid), with much abandoned land and unconnected roads.
  2. Data from Gridsurvey ( http://www.gridsurvey.com/ ) clearly shows that Second Life is shrinking. Take a look at the following data: On mainland, non-Linden owned land has decreased by 20% in one year http://www.sluniverse.com/php/vb/virtual-business/122251-mainland-census-january-2017-a.html . The number of private regions (sims) also seems to drop with an average of 10% every year http://www.sluniverse.com/php/vb/virtual-business/8523-new-sl-sims-past-week-97.html#post2355279 Based on this and other data from Gridsurvey, I estimated in 2016 that in 10 years, Second Life will shrink to about 20% of what it is now. At that time, it probably will no longer will be a feasible business and LL might close it. However, now, with Sansar opened, I make another prediction, that Second Life will survive 5 years from now. Many people will move to Sansar. People who love mainland (sailors, pilots, train engineers, drivers, horse riders or people who love walking long distances) will prefer the environment of Second Life. But, the vast majority are here enjoying their virtual lives on an isolated private sim roleplaying, living on a tropical beach or whatsoever. For them, Sansar is a better option. Some time ago, I started the Second Life Geography project, first under the form of articles on the SL Wiki, then, after some griefer attacks, on a new wiki, the SLGI Wiki. I stopped the work there for two reasons. The first reason is that I was busy in RL (with 4 kids to grow, it is hard to do other things). The second reason is that SL is really dying. As I made last week a small survey, I found out that from 11 private-owned continents ( http://slgi.wikia.com/wiki/List_Of_Continents ) , now there seems to be only two (a continent must have 30 or more sims connected one to the other).
  3. This is the best news I received in 6 months. Thank you thank you thank you !
  4. My map is a bit outdated. Try the next links: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/List_Of_Continents https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/List_Of_Microcontinents_And_Sim_Clusters https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Oceans
  5. I cleaned up my inventory. From 10 372 items, down to 5 330. Boxed all objects I never used in 6 months and I don't need. I found a few double items. The problems were: around 1000 gestures (don't have any idea where they came from) landmarks (over 500), I keep only 20, they are anyway in teleport history Notecards (moved 90% of them on a notecard). You can put on a notecard only objects with full perm, so it doesn't work for 80% of the objects) Unfinished or modified objects & scripts that I don't use any longer (about 500) Freebies (mostly from when I was new here) - 1500 items. More then 1000 items were inside outfits I no longer use. Time needed: 4 or 5 hours. All is packed in a single green sphere. Now, I am smoking a cigarette both in rl and sl and thinking: Shouldn't be a wise idea to delete all these 5000 items?
  6. Each outfit you have has a separate entry point in the inventory. One outfit might have up to 50 items. So, if you have 20 outfits, your inventory will look like having 1000 extra items. My cigarettes are present in all my 30 outfits and so one simple cig appears in 30 places. Also, try to store in a box/notecard what you never used in an year or 6 months.
  7. My preferences should be like this: 1- Heterocera 2-Sansara 3-Caledon (private). Heterocera and old Sansara are the most populated continents and most interesting mainland continents. Some parts of Gaeta 1 & 5, Jeogeot, Nautilus and Santori are almost compleatly abandoned and lack any interests.
  8. There are 23 continents (were 24 until June 2013). At this link you can download maps of all 23, with a study about each continent: https://mega.co.nz/#F!uVUWVayZ!aIO_BQIHRYRuvN9nRfzzjA Note: I use Mega.co.nz, the succesor of Megupload. You will need google chrome to download this. This should answer all your questions about continents.
  9. I traveled all this world, from sim to sim. Second Life is really dieing and faster then ever. I found on mainland endless sims of abandoned land, unpopulated rentals and a lot of islands are vanishing. Some statistics you can find here: www.gridsurvey.com After two months of work, I made maps of all what I could find. You can download them from this link: https://mega.co.nz/#F!uVUWVayZ!aIO_BQIHRYRuvN9nRfzzjA Note: These 26 maps are hosted on Mega.co.nz, the succesor of Megaupload. To download them, you need to have google chrome. You can see with your own eyes that some continents are full of abandoned land. Also, I made a 12 pages study of each continent and possible solutions to improve our world. you can download them from here: https://mega.co.nz/#!jJ8BFDqb!bveoHFm2Rb22PsvftOAqN2URYq9cns1u6f9NBoU3HWw These are radical solutions that require a lot of work, solutions for each continent and for each major problem. I think this is the only way we can make our world have back the glory from the old times.
  10. You can own land in mainland with a basic acount but you will pay the tier. The premium acount only means you don't pay tier for 512 m2 of mainland. I signed in an year ago. I don't know how it was in past, but now you can downgrade to 'basic' without losing your land (or at least that's what it is said). You need do sell or abandon your land. Anyway, if you own land on a private island, if you decide to abandon land, you can talk to the land owner, stop paying tier or abandon land. If you pay with credit cards, Linden Lab will auto-serve from your credit card with the land tier. You may not figure this out for months. It hapened to me.
  11. I am a premium resident and also I have a land tier, but they didn't answered me. It looks like a regular premium or a small tier are not so important for them. Maybe, if you are a land baron and you hold a sim or more, they will make you a high priority. It will take a while. And if you make a support case in before or in the weekend, it's a bad idea. Probably they don't work in weekend. Good luck!
  12. Check uot very carefull that what you see is what you want. Sometimes the permitions might refere to the box, not to what you rezz from it. Check out the 'features' and 'contents'. I recently both a narghile that is not functional (it is only decorative) and I can't do anything about because the merchant didn't say that I can't smoke with it. If possible, try a demo. If the merchant's description is not coplete, the only thing you can do is to add a review, so other residents will know the problem. Of course, you can flag the item, report to LL or even to any institution in the US, You will probably get the information of that product modified, maybe that item will no longer be for sale, maybe that merchant will vanish (as a merchant or as a resident), but it will be nearly impossible to get your money back. SL, in your case, is like a web hosting site, that cannot be hold responsable for materials posted by its users. The users are responsable for the content, but there is no way to find them in real life and force them to pay. Good luck!
  13. I had similar problems, but it looks like the problem is my bad connection. Sometimes, I receive chat conversations, even if I cannot see anybody on the map or around me or I receive chat messages with a delay of several minutes. One day, I tried to meet with a good friend high in the sky, but it was imposible to find that person, even if we used the same coordinates. He could see me, I couldn't. Only on radar I could see him, first as an ^, then as an x when we were nearly at the same high. I had these problems only in busy places, with many residents, many scripts and buildings. Spying is, anyway, not difficult. If you use a body tattoo with 100% alpha and detach all your attachments, you will be invisible (except for the name and the radar green dot). With the camera control (and maybe a new account), nobody will know who you are. Anyway, I don't know if Lindens can listen to our conversations, but I don't think they do it. They have no reason for this. SL is not a dictatorship and what we chat and do is NOT so important. They are interesed in making profit from operating this site. THE LIFE IS GREEN AND A BEAUTIFUL GAME
  14. Thank you for the help. I had the same problem with the autopilot and now I solved it. The autopilot message apeared after I loaded a new viewer and it apeared only when I tried to move. I was just afraid that it could be a virus.
  15. Every time I try to post a picture on my feed, it doesn't work. It is loading a few seconds and then it fails to work. I know my connection is very bad, but since I can copy snapshoots to my computer or my inventory, I think it is something else. I have this problem since I became a resident. I deleted my SL viewer and reloaded one new, but the problem remains.
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