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  1. it went offline because Foxkin passed away.
  2. Afternoon everyone, I'm attempting to script a rent box that changes as the lindex rate changes(so if I define that the rentbox is say, $10usd/mo, what's displayed is that in L$ so the renter knows what the most up to date rate/price is). Scripting the rent box part is super easy, I just request assistance with querying the lindex data. -Logan
  3. Still searching - hoping forum readers that use to frequent the valleys will come forward with what i'm after, or send me to someone who has what i'm after. Thanks to those that've read this. -Logan
  4. Looking for any/all related images related to The Fur Valleys since they've been no more really after the passing of Foxkin. I'm mainly after group images, land images, etc... any/all would be helpful. Thanks, Logan
  5. I could probably spend the eons of time and seek one out but thought it'd be easier to ask here. I'm looking for a shop in a mall with a max of 30-50 prims. I'm not expecting a free shop so if you can, leave info here so I can check it out. Thanks everyone, Logan
  6. Morning everyone, hope ya'll had a safe weekend. Still here just been super busy.
  7. That is a start, because all it has to do is randomly select an amount of items, then remove the unselected items plus the script itself
  8. Evening everyone, curious if it's possible to have a script pick X amount of items out of a set of items, remember them, then remove the rest of the items? If so, how would it be done? I'm not a scipter or I would've figured this out already. Was thinking of using the random item vendor as a base but not sure where to go after that.
  9. Only one I know of is the Life2 Community has Mary Janes but you'll have to go through and get the hud and stuff.
  10. What sort of sim design are you looking to have done?
  11. Not directly, you'd have to use media on a prim and log in through there to watch, and even then you can't set it up so everyone can watch the same thing. Personal viewing only. We've been over this with a few folks here in the threads ^.^
  12. wow something so simple I overlooked, thanks Rolig ^.^
  13. Evening everyone, I have here a script meant to work with XYText for Neitri's 8 faced mesh prim + xytext v2. My problem is I'm attempting to add a clock to the XYText so that it shows on the prim instead of in hovertext, however it says there's a syntax error in the rederstring. If I add an additional ) or ; to the end of the renderstring, it then says it's not defined in scope when it clearly is. I would appreciate some help in resolving this. Thanks, Logan
  14. Morning everyone and yes, one more day to TGIF(depending on what you do).
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