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  1. I'm not in game right now but I will try to take a look. Are you familiar with UFO Sexxxperience? It's like a station with a whole bunch of fantasy rooms. There's also Republic of Mammaria which just launched that is designed to have a whole bunch of areas.
  2. I sort of agree with the previous posts, to a point, but for a slightly different reason. I agree that fitting them is not the easiest and there is no demo, not good things. I believe you can get better on the market without getting a mesh body though if you don't want to. I purchased Cherry Bombs and have been thrilled with them. They don't go up to outlandish proportions the way Lolas can (although past a certain point Lolas won't fit your body either), but they go plenty big enough. The best part is the addons, primarily the lactation addon. I believe a lot of mesh bodies will actually allow you to add your own breasts anyway. You should check them out regardless. I was like you, looking around, and in hindsight wasted the money on the Lolas when I could have gone straight to Cherry Bombs.
  3. Wow, this thread sent me off on a surfing adventure, from reading up on Deadpool and Death (never knew about Death related to Deadpool), and then following into Carnage vs. Deadpool, which led into a huge exercise reading up on the various symbiotes. I now have knowledge about the symbiotes I will likely never forget and even more likely will remain completely useless. Entertaining nevertheless. Good luck with the Death avatar. Seems like you'd be able to build it out of components. Surely there's a skull mask.
  4. Republic of Mammaria has quite a well-built Stargate: Atlantis area. I can't comment on the actual RP in there as I haven't been, but I've had the tour of the sim and it was pretty darn good. I struggle to find Star Wars ones for some reason.
  5. I am looking for an interior designer that is able to help me create a home that suits my character. It is simply one of the premium account homes, so the standard allotment of prims/land. I must confess I don't fully understand this system as I've only been playing for the last month. I have already purchased some furniture that seems to work quite well, but I would like to finish it off with more items that suit my needs. My character needs a place that isn't necessarily completely clean, and would have things like adult magazines left lying around. Obviously this is a little bit different than the usual interior design job. If you're interested please reply here as I'm not sure how to receive notecards when my IMs are maxed. Thanks
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