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  1. Thank you, Roling. I have a full homestead so I don't have problems with the ban lines. People who are in the group don't see them and the access at the ground level is just for them. Thank you, everyone, for your precious help.
  2. Thank you so much, I forgot the ban lines work up just to a certain height! Great idea.
  3. I need to make public the access of my homestead to heaven at a certain height, but to make it closed to the group at ground level. Can I do this with a script? Thank you for any help you can give me
  4. Second Life® is an excellent starting point for creativity and offers numerous possibilities to express your artistic vein. Nekotto knows it well, having chosen to take photographs within the virtual world of Second Life® to make them as close as possible to a Japanese anime. What is an “anime“? “Anime” is the abbreviation for animēshon (Japanese transliteration of the English word animation, “animation”). It is a neologism, therefore a word of new formation, which in the West indicates the works of animation produced by Japan, including those before the birth of the headword. [Read more]
  5. Hello, since I have problems with Firestorm, especially with textures, I decided to use the official viewer. With it, is it possible to set up 2 different windlight setting for 2 different heights? in Firestorm it's possible, but not sure it is for the Official Viewer. Thank you.
  6. Hello, I have put an event in the dashboard in the section for events, but I can't find the section to add an image to the event. In fact, there is no the option of the for to add an image. I am losing something? Because I see that all the other events have their own image. Thank you.
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