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  1. info=advertising? I've also seen puzzled reactions to those who only put up the link from the very people who accused me of advertising. So it becomes difficult to know what is allowed and what is not. But as I repeat, it doesn't matter at all and I don't understand why we are still here talking about it since I removed the post.
  2. Ok guys, removing my post and my account. I didn't know posting a useful info about a new community without earning something could be advertise. Stil asking myself why other people can share their discord link instead I can't but no problem! Bye bye
  3. It took me a long time to find my style. In the early days, I improvised, going "where the heart takes you." Then I realized that it was not enough and needed to master the technique, both inworld and post-processing. My style is currently a vlog, so first a short introduction, then the acronym, and finally the video itself. The video develops it as a sequence of shots that capture my attention, focusing on specific small points to leave the background blurred. This technique is also useful because it is easy to understand what you want to communicate. The videos I prefer are those about desti
  4. We offer the whole region for 7000/week. It's a homestead with 5000 prims. The region comes as it is, so you can remove the houses and all the decor objects inside homes, but you cannot change the region's environment. If you rent, you become the owner of the group actually deeded to the region, and you can manage the sim. You'll be able also to manage the rentals if you like. If you are interested, please pay the rental box and contact Oema Resident and/or Van Loopen for the owner role. Thanks for your interest. Oema and Van Loopen Teleport to The Cold Rose: ht
  5. I't s a great tip, thank you! It works fine with the VISTA AO, not with the LELUTKA HUD. The talking animations is associated to a gesture, so when I open every single animation in a floating window and I play start nothing happens. I'll try to export them. Thanks again!
  6. Like vlogger (and I am not alone to have this issue) I need to activate the mouth animations of my mesh head (in my case Lelutka) even if I am not speaking or typing anything. It would be great also to active the talking HUD animations of my AO too (in my case VISTA) even if I am not telling or writing anything. Is it possible? Do we miss something? Thanks
  7. Ho realizzato questo video sull'evento Engine Room: si tratta di un evento per shopping a tema Steampunk. Insieme a MIna, ho visitato la bellissima Astral Dreams. Conosci delle land steampunk?
  8. My problem was different: I know all these steps, I don't have any problem with them. I've finally solved, my mistake: I saved in Firestorm clicking to "modify a preset" and not clicking to "create a new preset" Thanks all for your help
  9. I am doing this, but I can't find my own windlight, this is my problem. I have already imported other windlights already created, but I cannot find mine.
  10. I used firestorm viewer. Maybe I need to save in the official one?
  11. Do you see skies you made? I can't find my skies there, just skies saved in the viewer. I used that folder to import other's skies saved in the viewer.
  12. Hello there, Yesterday I exported and imported in the official viewer a windlight preset created by others. The preset was in the viewer folder, so I could easily find it. Now, I need to import a windlight preset created by me, that isn't the viewer folder. How can I do it? Thanks.
  13. Ok! I opened a support-case and they gave me. For this reason it's strange it's not online. Maybe they have manually put the homestead on-line after the roll-back?
  14. But Alwin, if I ask how long is a roll-back started 12 hours ago, it's obvious the gave me. No?
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